Monday, May 25, 2020

True Confessions

Hope you are having a nice Memorial Day weekend. The weekend has gone by fast! Hopefully the upcoming shorter work week will also go by fast - right?

I’ve been busy stitching over the past several weeks; working on what I would call “comfort stitching”. One of my projects kind of went awry though.

I purchased this kit at Keepsakes during Stitch Con last summer. It is a Heart in Hand design that was created specifically for Keepsakes. The linen was from Picture this Plus, 32 ct Sand and the fibers were from Colour and Cotton. I was having a delightful time stitching it until I got to the red and white checkerboard on the chicken. It was at that moment that I realized I had made a counting error. Reverse stitching the black thread for that chicken was not an option. I added another row of red and white on the left side of the chicken (look close and you will see it). I ended up putting it in timeout. After two or three weeks, I decided I couldn’t live with it and started it again. This time on 40ct Vintage Country Mocha. It’s finished now and I’m happy with it.

Yesterday, I switched out my stitching that’s displayed in our living room. Brought out the patriotic stitches. Didn’t think I would have much to display, but I had more than I thought!

I also took time to finish a couple of smalls; nothing fancy, just a simple pillow finish. I think my collection of patriotic smalls looks great. It makes me smile.

That’s it for today. Be well. Stay safe.

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

And then there was stitching...

Quick post to share some of the things I have been working on since my last post. Most days I am grateful for time to stitch and updating this old blog is not a priority. I know that there are still a quite a few of you who like to peruse the blogs though and I also need to keep the Mad Tatter happy!

Last month I finished up this wool pouch. It was a class piece at Needlework Galleria last fall with Summer House Stitche Workes. It was a fun project!  It’s called Pumpkin Patch Pouch.  Love the fall colors!

Also from Needlework Galleria, this little make and take kit from Hands on Design. The inside was all pre-assembled and ready - all I had to do was cross stitch the outside, then sew the two together. It turned out okay. I always struggle making those corners look good. It’s called “With this needle, I thee thread”!

Two weekends ago, I finished up another block on the Village of Hawk Run Hollow.  Six down and six to go.  Those blocks are solid and very deceiving - they take much more time to stitch than you would expect.

I have one more finish to share but I’ll save it for another post. Let me leave you with a snap of the pretty flowers I received from my daughter on Mother’s Day.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020


Lately, I’ve been lazy about posting. Sometimes I just want to stitch. I know that many of you like to see regular posts from me though. Not mentioning any names though (Mad Tatter).

Last weekend was spent dusting and vacuuming and I decided to pull out some of my “springier” needlework projects. I also moved around others.

Here’s a sweet set of projects that complement each other because they were all stitched with my favorite color...RED! The two projects on the left are from Blackbird Designs; the piece on the right is from Stacy Nash.

Then I moved several of my framed pieces together on one wall. I think this needs one more piece at the bottom, but I couldn’t find the right piece. I guess I will have to stitch something for that bottom spot. Oh darn.

It is a bit chilly here today and it rained all day.  Looking for warmer temperatures this weekend. Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

A Visit With the Mad Tatter

On Wednesday afternoons I try to stop working a little bit earlier so that I can go to the grocery store. I pick up our groceries and I shop for the Mad Tatter.

It’s a beautiful day here and so when I stopped at her house, her neighbors were outside. They keep an eye on her and shared that she told them that her children “were keeping her on a tight leash”! Quite an accomplishment I say. She’s Quite independent and not easy to control. Lucky for us, she’s taking this whole shelter in place order seriously.  She’s been keeping busy with her tatting.  Here are some of her recent finishes:

Before I left, I snapped a quick selfie. We both are overdue for a haircut.  I have an appointment in two weeks. I wonder if I will be able to keep it.

Hope your week is going well.  Happy hump day!

Sunday, April 19, 2020

One More Finish

Today I worked on this little pillow finish. I love the ruched ribbon edge; it’s my favorite type of edging!

The design is from Heart in Hand and it’s called Friendship Garden. This was one of the kits in The Silver Needle’s Circle of Friends.

So cute!

I have quite a pile of finishing yet to complete. Will need to continue to whittle away at this pile since I must stay at home!

Have a great week!

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Finishing Day

I have a large box of stitched projects that just need to be fully finished. Today was the perfect day for it!

My first finish is from Blackbird Designs. This was a class piece last November at the Attic (it’s also now in their book, Sewing Club). The box has a recessed lid, so after lacing it to cardboard, it just fit in the top of the box. Easy, peasy.

Second finish, a class piece from 2017. This pattern for this design was also released at Nashville this year, Miss Nettie’s Needle Usefuls is from Chessie and Me.

And last but not least, this project was 75% finished, but I needed to mount the biscornu pincushion on top of the spool. A Study in Red was designed by Sue Hillis and I took this class with her last fall at Needlework Galleria.

Productive day!


I’ve been spring cleaning here and there now that I am confined at home. I gently washed the valance that hangs above my kitchen sink last weekend; today, I pressed it a bit and put it back up.

I stitched this piece about 30 years ago. It’s one of my favorite pieces of Hardanger.

Wishing you a nice weekend!

Sunday, April 12, 2020


Happy Easter! Thought I’d share something different with you today. The Mad Tatter has been behaving. She has stayed home and is busy tatting away. Here’s a doily that she has been working on.

Next time I post, I have two finishes to share!