Monday, February 08, 2016

Building a House

This progress is two night's worth of stitching. Got quite a bit done during the Super Bowl and a little bit more tonight.


Sunday, February 07, 2016

Weekend Escape

Sometimes I just need to disappear for a couple of days. Having short little weekends away help me to get through my long work weeks. This weekend I escaped to Wisconsin.

I took a vacation day on Friday (sort of). By 12:30pm I was on the road and heading east. Since I hadn't eaten lunch it only seemed logical that I would stop in my most favorite small town cafe in all of the Midwest - you know it, the Norske Nook!

I had my usual, a pork sandwich with mashed potatoes and gravy. This always brings back fond memories of road trips that I used to take as a child with my Auntie Theresa.

But you know best what the Norske Nook is well known for...their pie! I took a piece with me for later.

I arrived at my destination, Madison, Wi, and settled into my hotel room for the night. I always get a kick out of the signs in the elevators at Hampton Inns.

This one is probably my favorite though...

Why am I here? Lynn's of Madison (needlework store) hosted a class with Lori Markovic of La D Da. We finished the Tender Heart Stitcher's Roll. Here's a snap of my finishing in progress.

Lori is delightful. She spent time with each stitcher making sure they knew what to do.

I enjoyed the day immensely. Connected with quite a few stitchers that I have not seen for awhile.

After class, many of us went back to Lynn's for some stash enhancing.

They had a lovely display of La D Da models.

I could have driven home last night but the thought of driving after dark didn't appeal to me much, so I stayed one more night. Enjoyed another quiet evening in the hotel room. The lighting wasn't great, but I figured out that if I sat at the desk, I could watch TV through the mirror! Hey, we do whatever works, right?

It was a fun weekend. Here are a couple snaps of my finished stitcher's roll...

Thanks for stopping by. Hope your weekend was just as special.


Saturday, February 06, 2016

Stitching Progress

I spent some time tonight on my Scotland sampler.

Lighting wasn't good in the hotel room; had to get creative. I realized that if I sat at the desk I could watch TV in the mirror!

Trip report tomorrow.


Thursday, February 04, 2016

Something Different

No stitching tonight. Hope you are not disappointed. Went to the theatre tonight to see the recording of Josh Groban's "Stages." He has an unbelievable voice. He did a live interview and then we got to listen to all the songs on his album.

I can't tell you the last time I was in a movie theatre. Maybe when the Titanic came out? Anyway, sat in a comfy chair with my feet up. I might have to go more often now. It was a nice evening with a good friend.

14 days until bacon. Real bacon. Delicious bacon.


Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Snowy Day

I'm tired. Long day at work, long drive home. I put the other side of the fence in tonight. I wish I had the energy to stitch a little more.


Monday, February 01, 2016


Yes, de fence is growing...

Can't believe it's February 1st!