Saturday, September 27, 2008

Prairie Schooler Exchange - Sent and Received

I never really was a big Prairie Schooler fan until I got involved with blogging. The stitching blogs introduced me to this fabulous designer and now I am hooked.

The Hooked on Exchanging blog had a Prairie Schooler exchange this fall. I was fortunate to receive from Sharon M (Cross Stitch Happy). I've come to know Sharon in the past few months. She is a very generous stitcher, often posting free charts on her blog. She's also a great finisher! She stitched this great PS Autumn design for me and finished it as a flat fold! (I'm going to study her finishing; I've finished this way before, but I like her version much better!) Then she spoiled me with lots of goodies including a chart from my wishlist. Thanks so much Sharon!

I had the pleasure of stitching for Mercy! I had always wanted to stitch this PS design and decided now was the time. I finished it as a little pin pillow with tassels in each corner. It turned out quite cute (if I may say so myself!)

So sad to learn of the passing of actor Paul Newman.

Thanks for stopping by - have a nice weekend!


saras said...

I've started seeing finished with the four tassels! I'm going to have to try that! Do you make your own? I can never get mine to turn out right! Can you offer any help?

Goldie said...

Love the exchanges you've been stitching and receiving! They've all been quite lovely!

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

I love this flatfold you received from Sharon and the pin pillow you stitched and finished came out great too. CJ(ok;-)

Jill said...

I love the flatfold you received from Sharon. It looks beautiful. Great exchanges.

staci said...

Gorgeous exchanges! Love that pincushion!!!

Sharon said...

They are both faboulous!