Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Finally Something Stitchy!

I've had a horrible case of the stitching blues lately. I seem to spend more time thinking about stitching than I spend actually stitching! Well, I've had a few distractions, like DD's graduation. By the way, thank you very much for all the congratulatory wishes! One more event to get past - the grad party is this weekend. Maybe then life will return to normal or something that resembles normal.

Here's what I have been working on lately; I pulled out a WIP and decided to put a few more stitches in it. It looks like I started this back in September of 2009 (and if I used labels it would have taken me less than 15 minutes to figure that out!) I can't find any other posts about my progress on this one after that. Let's just say that I had about 2/3 of the border complete. Either I became bored or just experienced a bad case of startitis because the piece went into my WIP basket.

I pulled it out last weekend and put in a few more stitches -

For those of you who might not recognize it, this pattern is from Hands to Work and it is called "This is the Day." The pattern was published in the February 2009 issue of Just Cross Stitch. I am stitching mine on 32ct WDW Cappucino (the pattern calls for LL Autumn Gold.)

Now, I must admit, I'm having trouble with this one. Either I've lost my ability to count, or I'm challenged by the fact that the pattern is spread out over four pages in the magazine - but I spent a good portion of Saturday night pulling out everything I had stitched that night. On Sunday I re-stitched and thought everything was good, only to realize that it's still not quite right. I ran out of the Sampler Threads Tomato thread so I can't stitch the word "Glad" until I get more. I think may need some additional Picnic Basket too. At this point, I'm going to make it work. Many of you stitched this one last year, did anyone else have trouble or is it just me?

Regardless of my counting troubles, I still love this design. I think it will look great when finished.

Guess I better run. Need to catch the news and then it's bedtime. Thanks for stopping by.


Margaret said...

I hope your stitching blues go away. I think when you don't have time to stitch but still think about it, it makes it that much harder and everything feels much more blue -- if you know what I mean.

I love This is the Day! Yours is looking great! As I recall, at least one of the side borders on that piece wasn't the same countwise as the rest, and maybe that was what was throwing you off. On the left toward the top? I can't remember if the same was true for the right. Anyway, good luck with it! Bummer that you ran out of fiber, but maybe you needed the break.

Faye said...

Hey~~ I loved this piece once I conpleted it, but I got VERY frustrated with the chart.... I finally made me a working copy, cut it all apart and taped it together to make one big was a little bulky, but that was the only way I could make it the time I finished the working chart was in the trash...was folded and refolded so many times~~ It is well worth the work though.... btw, if you want some "Tomato", I can drop it in the mail to you....I have part of the skein left....just let me know~~ Take care, Faye

Deb said...

I hope that you get out of your stitching slump. Maybe it's the time of the year - I know a lot of people who have been going through that.

Love the piece your working on. Do you think it would help to copy the pages and tape them together so that you have a smooth transition from one to the next? I always have a hard time when a chart is laid out over several pages in a magazine, so that's what I do.

Katrina said...

The border is a pain, there's a couple spots where there's an extra stitch. I did my own fair share of pulling out ;-(. Hope you don't have to do anymore frogging. It's a gorgeous piece, and totally worth the effort.

WendyJo said...

I seem to have the stitching blues too Cathy. I think what Faye suggested doing would be a great idea. I know I have done that..I believe it was DT's Sanctuary's pattern, if I remember correctly.

Hang in there!
Wendy Jo

PS. A very belated congratulations to your daughter :)

Hillery said...

So many obstacles. I might have given up. It is looking great!!!

Barbeeque4 said...

I did the same as Faye - I made a giant working copy with all the pages taped together - I do this with everything I stitch - but especially with multiple page pieces. It is looking beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Ooo, this is on my 'to-do' list. I'll have to make a working copy and keep in mind what Katrina said about the extra stitches. It's looking lovely!

I've been in a stitching slump too, but I think mine was because of some 'obligation' stitching I was doing. I didn't want to work on the project so I just skipped stitching altogether! LOL Hopefully, now that the 'obligation' is no longer an issue I'll get back into the swing of things.


Karoline said...

It's looking lovely, glad you got it out again

Lynn said...

I love this piece, have it all kitted up and ready to go but after looking at the charts I put it aside in favour of another project. Maybe some day....

Anonymous said...

It's a lovely piece, sorry there has been so much trouble with it. Food luck with the rest

mainely stitching said...

Oh Cathy, this is a gorgeous design to stitch away your blahs! I agree that the layout of it in the magazine leaves a lot to be desired, but you stick with it!!

Berit said...

Oh, stunning! This is one I bought the mag for when I saw everyone working on it last year. I haven't attempted it, and am even thinking I want to make lots of changes, lol! :P

Sometimes I just think I'll do the bottom bit and leave the top off altogether.

Yours looks beautiful. I hope you experience no annoyance and only enjoyment from here on out! :D

Siobhan said...

I love TitD! It's such a fun sampler. I hope your stitchy blues go away... not so easy when you start off by frogging! :P Hang in there!

diamondc said...

Hi the other Cathy with a C:
I love this pattern sometimes I get the stitchitis I like this word.
How are you doing with all the rain?
I have been stitching the Littlehouse All Dolled Up ornaments.
Happy Stitching

Suzanne said...

I hope that your stitching blues are only temporary. I know how you feel with the counting, stitching and unpicking. I have now started my Maragret Pence piece three times ang have nothing to show for it. I don't even know if I want to stitch it anymore.

This Is The Day is looking great though!

Von said...

I've been in a bit of a stitching slump myself lately; my excuse is all the graduation and engagement madness, and now getting kids off to camp, plus outside work. I'm mentally and physically exhausted!

But it's sure nice to see that you've got a bit of stitching in with all your graduation busyness! TITD is looking wonderful and I'm sure you'll finish it soon, Cathy! :D