Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Few More Loose Ends...

I'm trying to get my stitching stuff back in order but it seems to be an endless task.  I did not unpack last Sunday after returning home from the retreat; today I am going through the bags and put things back in their place.  Why do I have so much stuff?

Let's do pictures...those are always more fun than me rambling on and on...

Let's start with a few more miscellaneous things that I either received as gifts or purchased at vendor night.

The laying tool and pincushion with the wood base were purchases at vendor night.  The man that made them is married to a woman that I know through our local EGA chapter.  The laying tool is a purple-ish colored wood.  The pincushion base is made out of Buckthorn (better use of this weed that we don't particularly care for here in Minnesota!)  Top middle is a cool thimble holder; or I suppose it could hold, buttons or any other small trinkets you might have.  It opens when you squeeze it!  On the right, a tool kit/measuring tape combination for those days when you can't find that darn screwdriver.  On the bottom is a little acorn guy and a little box, perfect for the acorn theme of the retreat!

This next picture has absolutely nothing to do with the retreat - it was a purchase I made at Stitchville before the retreat.  Couldn't help myself, he was just so darn cute.

Does your needlework shop have these? It's a sock monkey measuring tape.  He makes me smile!

How about some finishes?  I brought two projects with that were very close to being finished.  I think I set them aside because they had mostly over one stitching left.  Now that I've conquered the over one stitching on Briar Rose I can stitch anything that's over one!

Finish #1 - Stripes from Shepherd's Bush (kit - using silk fibers)

I have to find the white button that goes in the top left's in my stash somewhere.

Finish #2 - Peace and Joy from The Drawn Thread (kit)

May I say that it was a pain in the tush to stitch over one using Whisper thread???

Almost finished #3 - Blue House Needle Primer from With My Needle

No you are not seeing double.  There are two stitched fronts.  Morale of the story is...follow the designer's instructions and stitch your border first.  Otherwise you might finish your piece and find that you made a mistake and then your border doesn't fit right....fortunately it was a small piece.  I still have to stitch the alphabet on the piece at the top.  This piece will go on the back of the hornbook.  The alphabet is also stitched over one.  Oh my, another over one piece!

Finally, here's piece I started at retreat.  Gosh, the verse on this one is also stitched over one.  I think I have a fever.  The design is from my favorite designer, Ruth Ann Russell and was published in the Fall 2002 issue of SANQ (thank you Wendy Jo!)  It's called Heavenly Paradise.

So, I think that's enough for today.  Thanks for stopping by and happy stitching!


Margaret said...

Love your acquisitions, and your stitching too. It does seem like you're in an over one mood somehow! lol!

Barb said...

It was great seeing your photos!! I love that little sock monkey! The stitching is wonderful.

Samplers, Silks and Linens said...

you have some cute buys - looks like you had some fun - the heavenly paradise is very pretty look forward to seeing you stitch this up :)

Barb said...

Your purchases are great. I love your finishes and that cute little sock monkey! I admire you for all that over one!

BrendaS said...

Great finishes Cathy! Love all your new tools -- very neat:)

WendyJo said...

Oh...I have that sock money tape measure on order! LOL

You are most welcome for the SANQ!

Sounds like the retreat was FUN!!!

Love all your purchases!

WendyJo said...

Oh...I have that sock monkey tape measure on order! LOL It IS too darn cute!

Glad you found at least *one* project from the SANQ mag!!!

I love all your purchases from the retreat..sounds like a wonderful time was had! Good for you!

Teresa S. said...

You are starting to scare me a little, Cathy! I have Heavenly Paradise in my staging box reight now :) Love it!

Stasi said...

The sock monkey brought back lots of memories. My youngest brother had a sock monkey when he was little and called it "Wheatina" after the hot cereal!!!

Gabi said...

All your new goods are great. Love the tape measure. Fantastic stitching :)