Tuesday, November 27, 2012

From Cradle to Coffin

Today I want to share with you photos from the exhibit of Mrs. Istvánné Szigethy.  The exhibit is located in this building in Hövej.

The exhibit is titled "From Cradle to Coffin" because the needlework displayed reflects different stages of one's life, from the christening gown to one's death bed.  The title is also appropriate because it features a lifetime of needlework all done by Mrs. Szigethy.  She began stitching when she was 10 years old and continues to stitch nearly every day; she is now 83 years old!  This exhibit represents her life's passion.

Before I continue, may I say that it is at times like this that I wish I was a better photographer.  Or maybe I just need a better camera.  I hope you will forgive me for any less than perfect photos!  This is going to be a picture intensive post - put your seat belt on!

Let's start with the cradle...this beautiful baby doll was adorned with Hövej embroidery:

And a little girl, perhaps in her First Communion dress:

A family dressed in folk costumes:

More Hungarian folk costumes on display:

Everyday items - aprons, tablecloths, doilies, handkerchiefs, etc:

A beautiful wedding dress (which was made by Mrs. Szigethy for her daughter when she got married):

 Other clothing - blouses, collars:

The people of Hungary are very religious and primarily Roman Catholic.  Mrs. Szigethy has embroidered numerous altar cloths, church linens, and vestments in her lifetime.  Here are some of the ones which were displayed in her exhibit:

And finally we come to "the coffin" or the end of one's life, depicted with a night stand that includes a bible and a rosary, next to a bed --check out the pillow case!

Please allow me to share a few more photos of the many doilies displayed throughout the exhibit:

Perhaps you would like to know more about Mrs. Szigethy and understand more about how she creates such beautiful needlework...come back tomorrow and I will tell you about her.  She is a delightful lady!

Before I go, if you are interested in knowing more about the exhibit, Mrs. Szigethy has a website with beautiful pictures and more information.  You can access her website at the link below:

Also, if you want to follow the events happening at the exhibit, Mrs. Szigethy also has a Facebook page.  Search for "Szigethy Istvánné".

One last look at the exhibit:


Margaret said...

Wow, what a beautiful exhibit! Such amazing work! Thanks for sharing it with us, and thanks for the link to her page too!

Rita said...

Wow! What beautiful work!!! ....and so much of it!

It must have been wonderful to see.

Nicola said...

A.M.A.Z.I.N.G !!

Thank you so much, I have saved the photos to study, I will spend many hours of bliss doing so.

Katrina said...

What a gorgeous exhibit!!!!! I\

Adele said...

Thank you for the pictures of your travels in Hungary and the beautiful Hovej embroidery. I was in Budapest a few years ago and the ladies I spoke with said that the traditional crafts and embroidery are becoming a dying art. They don't even make the hemp cloth for cross stitch, but go to Transylvania to buy it. For the Hovej embroidery, how do the women copy the pattern onto the cloth and it is linen? I'd love to know more about the technique of the stitches.
Thanks again, Adele

The Inspired Stitcher said...

I always enjoy reading about your trips. What a amazing exhibit and to think it's the life's work of one woman too. I stand in awe!

Vickie said...

Just gorgeous. Such work!

Angie said...

Thank you so much for the beautiful photos, Cathy! What a wedding dress!

robindefender said...

Just wanted to say thank you for sharing all these beautiful photos. Both in this post and the last one.

Laurie in Iowa said...

It's all so very beautiful.

Patti-Rocky Mtn Stitcher said...

wow what an incredible thing to see!!

Lelia said...

WOW!!!! thx for sharing

Ellen said...

Hi Cathy!

Looks like you had a wonderful trip! Your photos of the exquite Hövej embroidery are fantastic! Thanks for sharing.

Katrina said...

Wow, this is amazing Cathy,thank you for sharing these stunning pics :)

Kay said...

So beautiful! How fantastic to be able to see it in person.

C Street Samplerworks said...


I am so enjoying all your photos of your visit to Austria & Hungary! Such delightful villages, and the embroidery is exquisite!

Thank you so much for sharing with us.

Peace & Love,

Barb said...

More amazing photos! That embroidery is so beautiful !

Lynn said...

Fascinating exhibit! Thank you for sharing these pics Cathy. I've been studying them in detail and I'm just overwhelmed by the embroidery!