Tuesday, December 30, 2014

More Reflecting

After updating my blog last night, I went back through some of my posts throughout the year. My, it was a busy year filled with lots of stitching fun and adventures!

The first stitching adventure of the year was Stitchville's Spring Fling. The joke was on us - we had a fairly significant snowfall that weekend. Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow will keep us diehard stitchers from a weekend with Cynthia Zittel! And a fun weekend we all had.

The class project could be done as a sampler...

Or a stitching pocket.....I'm still working on mine!

And my dear friends from Indy brought me a piece of pie from the Norske Nook! Delicious!

Later in April I had the good fortune to travel back to Indianapolis to spend a stitching weekend with them. First time I took a class with Lauren Sauer too! I need to get back to working on the Mistress L Sampler...

No pictures of the project, but as you can see, Spring had arrived.

And we had pie again too!

In June, I found myself back in Indianapolis again! Boy was that a fun road trip with good friends. Our classes were with Catherine Theron and they were held at Stacy Nash's studio. Four of us had finished our Quaker needle rolls and brought them along for show and tell.

Love Stacy's studio in Fortville.

Just because we are a little bit crazy, the same group of friends traveled to Chicago the following weekend for a Betsy Morgan class. How could we not go when Chicago is so close?

Remember our excursion to the Vera Bradley outlet store?

August is reserved for guild retreat and this year Catherine Theron was there!
The four of us finished one of our projects from her class in June.

Stitching by the lake is great...it was a beautiful week.

These are some serious stitching road maps!

My last stitching excursion for the year was to Celebrations of Needlework in St. Charles. What a delight to meet Barbara Jackson!

Best of all, I finished one of my class pieces with her!

Thanks for taking this trip down memory lane. Great fun and good memories. I hope that 2015 will bring more of the same.

Happy New Year Stitching Friends!

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Shebafudge said...

Sounds like a brilliant year for travelling stitching! I wish we had things like this in the UK...if we have, I have never found one!

Happy New Year!!!

Marilyn said...

Wow, you were busy!
What great projects and fun.
Happy New Year!

Stasi said...

You did have a busy year! Hope 2015 is just as full of fun filled travel and stitching adventures!I enjoy reading about them!

Margaret said...

I love all your stitching retreats and classes. They are my way of living vicariously. And you finish your class pieces too! Beautiful work, all of it! Happy 2015!

Von said...

Could 2015 possibly be better and take you to even more retreats? I hope so, Cathy! Happy New Year!

Mrs. DillyDally said...

I sew enjoy following you on your stitching adventures! And ... look forward to your further adventures in 2015!

Marie in Minnesota said...

Looks like you had a great year. Hope 2015 brings you more stitching fun.

Faye said...

Your stitching travels in 2014 were amazing!!!!

Khristine Doiron said...

Great stitching year!! And the pies sure looked yummy!!