Sunday, October 23, 2016

Needlework is not Dead

So often, I hear the question, "How do we get young people interested in Needlework?" Very few young people come to our local guild meetings . There might be one or two thirty year-olds at our annual retreat, but the average age is probably closer to 60.

We'll, trust me, cross stitch is not dead and there are lots of young needleworkers out there! Guess where they are? They are on Flosstube!

I decided to check out Flosstube a few weeks ago after reading about it on some of my favorite blogs. I've been watching Flosstube for the past couple of weeks. All age groups are represented; I watched a video ("vlog") today that was recorded by a 70-year old! I must say though, I've been pleased to see many young stitchers in their 30's and 40's.

These stitchers are on Facebook participating in groups and in SALs that start a new project every day for one month or commit to finishing 15 - 20 WIPs over the next month. Some are "stitching dark" during the month of October. Others are participating in Hogwarts themed stitching groups. These stitchers are dyeing their own fabric and purchasing floss from vendors I've never heard of. They are very brave and are not afraid to swap floss colors and stitch something different than the designer intended. They are very respectful of copyright. In lieu of stitching get together they Skype with each other. They are excited about needlework as evidenced by their "haul" which they proudly share.

I am encouraged by what I have seen. This is a different approach to stitching than what I am used to, but it is so refreshing. I am glad to know that needlework is alive and well!

Here's where I am at with All Creatures Great and Small:

Hope you have a great week. Thanks for stopping by.


Judy said...

Thanks, Cathy. I'm one of those younger stitchers, and I've wondered the same thing. This is good to read, and maybe I should hang out floss tube more. 😄

Marilyn said...

Oooo, almost done!
It's looking great.

Khristine Doiron said...

I am one of those "in their 30s" stitchers and I attend a stitching guild but I am by far the youngest person there. Anywho I am loving what floss tube is doing for stitching and with the younger stitchers. Every time someone on the groups or in a flosstube vidoes mentions that they have no one to stitch with I point them to the EAC site in Canada or the EGA in the US to try to get them to find a guild to join.

Just be careful though, those groups and flosstubers can be wicked enablers and your bank account will suffer :)

Stasi said...

Good news!!!! I've been hearing about floss tube too and think I'll have to check into it!
Your piece is amazing!!!!

deb said...

Great news! I've always been saddened that my daughter had so little interest in stitching, sewing or other handwork, so what you've seen on flosstube is indeed heartening.

Oh, wow, you're nearly finished with All Creatures Great and Small - it's looking wonderful!

Von said...

Yes, there are younger stitchers out there. I've even found some college student stitchers on flosstube! Granted, they're not stitching projects that I would stitch, but it's exciting that they are finding designs they love and are excited about.