Sunday, September 09, 2018

Chris Told Me So

Chris is hoping to visit Doris this week.  She said I better update my blog, otherwise Doris is going to ask about it.  Here we go...

I’ve been stitching several pieces from Hands on Design lately.  Will be seeing Cathy in two weeks and thought it would be fun to take some finishes with me.

This first project is called My Stitcher’s Heart.  It was a limited edition kit that was available a few years ago from Elegant Stitch. I still have one small (the waxer pocket) that needs to be finished, but the box, the pincushion and the scissor fob are done!

Then, I must share my cloche with you!  Bought it at Hobby Lobby a couple months ago. I can display smaller needlework pieces without them getting dusty.

My cloche currently houses two smalls from the project noted above plus another pincushion designed bt Hands on Design.

I’ll leave you with a picture of the Mad Tatter.  She was busy spreading her love of tatting again this year with fairgoers at the Minnesota State Fair!

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