Monday, November 07, 2005

Monday, Monday

Good Morning! I'm sad to report - that I don't have any new stitching updates. There were a million other things to do this past weekend.

I did have some fun on Saturday though - my sister-in-law and I went to a wool expo and then to a holiday boutique. I purchased a wool pincushion kit at the wool expo (a sunflower). I had to laugh - the ladies who stitch, weave, and knit with wool are just as crazy about their craft as the rest of us! It was fun to see the beautiful colors and the projects.

The holiday boutique was okay. We have a lot of these at this time of year; between now and Christmas you can find a handful to go to on any given weekend. Again, I didn't buy too much - when you go to these year after year sometimes everything starts looking the same. I think I may need to take a "year off"! Then next time I go there will be all kinds of new ideas and handmade crafts for purchase.

I'm going to set one stitching goal for myself this week: more bookmarks! I had committed to stitching a few more bookmarks for EGA and I need to get them done. They need to be turned in at this month's meeting on Nov 21. The darning pattern bookmarks had really turned out nice and were quick and easy to finish, so more than likely I will do more of those.

I want to share with you one other activity I participated in this weekend. We dedicated a "peace pole" at our church this weekend. The ceremony was quite moving - many school age children were there and midway through the ceremony about twelve of us said the phrase "May Peace Prevail in Earth" in other languages: Hebrew, Tagalong, Spanish, Korean, Lithuanian, Sioux Indian, American Sign Language, etc. I contributed by saying the phrase in German. Our peace pole has the phrase engraved on it in several languages too. The moment was an opportunity to stop and think about this wonderful world we live in and reflect on what we can do to help promote peace.

I just want you to know that I appreciate the worldwide friendships I have made through my stitching blog. Take care and have a great stitching week.


Chelle said...

You did have a busy weekend Cathy! The wool expo sounds delightful.

Barbara said...

Nice to hear you enjoyed a pleasant weekend. I love craft fairs - sadly they don't seem popular where I live now. The peace pole idea is wonderful, reallly touching. I'm going to mention it to my son's teacher. Thanks for sharing!

Lelia said...

Love hearing about the peace pole. Ditto about the recent craft shows -- not much "new" gotta haves out there this year (in Indiana anyhow).

AnneS said...

The craft show sounds great - and you're so right about blogging/internet making international friendships. It's the shame the camaraderie we share among our different cultures online can't be shared by everyone - there would be very little fighting in the world! The internet certainly makes the world a very small place :)

Tobie said...

Your sunflower wool pincushion sounds adorable-can't wait to see it! I haven't been to a craft show in forever, but I always enjoy them when I go. Lots of inspiration!