Sunday, November 13, 2005

Weekend Stitching

Well, here it is, Sunday night and I don't have too much to show for myself. Limited stitching time again this weekend.

My daughter plays traveling basketball and this was the team's first weekend tournament. Her team took 4th place, not bad considering that the first game was a blow out (45-5). They then lost the next two games, one in overtime. They played well, so they should be proud!

I did work on bookmarks this week for my chapter's EGA service project. I'm not real pleased witht them so I'm not going to post any pictures. The chapter supplies the banding and the thread. The banding is too wide and it has red hearts going down either side - really limits the possibilities. I purchased some inexpensive banding at Michael's this weekend and am going to try to stitch up some nicer bookmarks before next Monday. I'll turn back the other banding.

On Friday night I stitched for about three hours while I watched (listened) to the U of M hockey game (vs Anchorage). I stitched the following Hardanger candy cane (pattern from Satin Stitches):

Then on Saturday night, while watching the same two teams again, I started the following Austrian looking ornament design:

Not too long ago, on Romy's blog I saw some beautiful Austrian designs. These designs intrigued me because my maternal grandparents immigrated from Austria/Hungary to the United States in 1906. I happened to be at one of my LNS a few weeks ago and found the following pattern from Thistle Threads:

These designs are perfect and very similar to the ones I saw on Romy's blog. The other rather significant achievement is that I am using silk for the very first time! I'm stitching this with an overdyed called "In the Burgundy" by The Thread Gatherer. It's about 2/3 complete, so stay tuned for updates.

I guess that's it for tonight. Looking forward to the week ahead...


AnneS said...

They say once you've stitched with silk you won't want to stitch with anything else! Personally I don't feel that way, but I do enjoy stitching with some of the brands very very much (especially Gloriana silks - yummo!). Your Austrian-looking design is very pretty - and the colours look great! Look forward to seeing the finished version :)

Barbara said...

What lovely designs you found! I didn't know you were of Austrian/Hungarian descent. I will keep my eye out for anything that might strike your fancy next time I get into a good used book store (the LNS has nothing but Permin/Anchor/DMC charts).

How do you like the ThreadGatherer silk? I've found it one of the easiest silks to stitch with.

Isabelle said...

That ornament you started stitching looks like it's be really lovely! Looking forward to seeing your progress!

Lelia said...

WOOT! Excellent ornament in progress. The red (burgundy) looks beautiful with the design. Candy cane is 2 darn cute, too.

I didn't realize your chapter was using fat banding. Maybe to keep finishing to a minimum? I"m sure you will come up with something nice.

Chelle said...

I love your blog Cathy! You are always working on (and finishing!) the neatest designs. Are you loving the silk? The Thread Gatherer has such yummy fibers. Their silks are delicious to stitch with.

KarenV said...

That Thistle Threads design is lovely Cathy! Now you've tried silk, I'm sure you'll want to stitch with it again ;)

Tobie said...

Ooooh Cathy, those silk n colors are addictive!! Your ornaments are very pretty!