Thursday, July 20, 2006

Exchange Received and RAK

Today was a "You've Got Mail" day! Yahoo!

First, I received a lovely package from Juanita. Turns out she had my name for the Dog Days of Summer Exchange. I received a needleroll (first one for my smalls collections), some fabric in delectable colors, and six skeins of the new DMC color variations thread. Thank you Juanita!

Notice any similiarities between Juanita's needleroll and the one I stitched for Shelleen? We both stitched the same design! And if that isn't funny enough, Shelleen also stitched this design for Leslie, her exchange partner. I wonder if that's ever happened before? I think we just all have incredibly good taste!

My second surprise today was a package from Tobie. Tobie has become a good online friend. I think that our taste in designers is very similar and I have very much enjoyed reading her blog and watching her stitching progress over the past several months. Tobie sent me this progress bag that she stitched herself along with two charts (Homespun Elegance Enchanted Santa Pillow and Prairie Schooler Pins and Needles). There's also a matching beaded scissors fob! Tobie is very much an accomplished stitcher, this project bag is beautifully done and I will enjoy using it and thinking of my dear friend each time I do!

Well, I'm off to stitch! Have a good evening.


Jenna said...

ROFL. That's too funny that several of you stitched the same thing! Yes, this has happened before that I've seen, but it's still crazy. :) Very nice exchange package you received and a great RAK from Tobie!

Kiwi Jo said...

Great mail! That's funny that you all stitched the same design - you all have great taste!

Susan said...

Great mail day, you all have wonderful tastes.

Nicki said...

Love the needlerolls - both of them!! I've seen one design stitched by more than one person on exchanges before, but not stitched and received by the same person! How funny :)

Von said...

Cathy, that's got to be one for the record books! :D
Glad you had such a great mail day - you deserve that and more!

AnneS said...

I love all your latest finishes - and your exchanges are gorgeous! :) Very funny that a few of you stitched the same design :D Also, that's a wonderful gift from Tobie - she's a sweetheart. Of your latest finishes, I especially love the Pear pinkeep and the Blossoms & Blackbird design ... just gorgeous! :D