Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Quaker Sampler Update and RAK!

Progress Report on Quaker Sampler:

Let me tell you, once you start stitching on this one, it's really difficult to put it down! I think I made pretty good progress this week. The most difficult thing with this piece is trying to get a decent picture that accurately reflects the colors of the fabric and the fibers. I think this one comes pretty close!

I also worked on DT Game Board Sampler - completed two more squares. Did not take a picture to share; I'll take another picture when the third row is finished.

Another great mail day ... Anne sent me a package of goodies - check it out. She sent a piece of doctor's flannel (great for use in needlebooks), some assorted silk fibers, thread rings from Kelmscott Designs, and some biscuits! My kids were excited to try these (I think they are fascinated with the fact that they came all the way from Australia!) Thanks Anne! I'll be sending you a proper thank-you shortly.

I think that's it for tonight. I don't expect to get anymore stitching done until the weekend. Have a good week - and thank you for visiting my blog!


Nicki said...

What a great lot of gifts from Anne. How lovely of her. Do you get Tim Tams in US stores? They're my favourite chocolate biscuits in the world!! :)

QG is looking lovely, and yes I agree, getting a photo that shows the colours right seems almost impossible!

Barbara said...

Those are great gifts from Anne! Your QS is lovely - those colors are great!

Hope you are enjoying a great week!!

Theresa said...

The quaker sampler looks very nice!! I colors look very nice on that fabric!

Great gift form Anne, those Tim Tams sound delicious!!

Karoline said...

Enjoy your TimTams, what lovely mail to receive. Great progress on Quaker Garden

Jenna said...

Wonderful progress on your quaker sampler and what a great package from Anne! Enjoy. :)

KarenV said...

Lovely gifts from Anne - how kind of her!

Love your progress on Quaker Garden - I know what you mean about trying to get the colours to photograph correctly - all of my pics have been different!

Andrea said...

Your QG is just beautiful! This is in my stash and seeing yours makes me want to start on it pronto!
Wonderful gifts from your friend. Stitching friends are the best!!

Joanie said...

Quaker garden is really pretty and the exchange pieces are just to pretty for words too. Stitchers ARE the nicest people, aren't they? Enjoy your pretties and keep posting your progress on QG!

Lee-ann said...

Your work is just stunning!

The Quaker sampler well! I am going to follow your progress on that for sure as it is darling.

as a lover of all things simple like amish and quaker I will enjoy your stitching on this design very much.

your blog is lovely
Best wishes

Stephanie said...

Your QG looks great Cathy. I'm looking forward to seeing your next update on the DT Gameboard Sampler.

mmmm...Tim Tams. Yummy - Enjoy!

Lelia said...

Excellent Quaker Sampler progress. It is a wonderful project. I enjoy watching yours take off. Anne sent some lovely things! Those thread rings are kewl! And, silks & flannel. Awesome.

Yes, it is hot&humid. I didn't get much of any thing accomplished today. maybe tomorrow will be better.