Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Delightful Gift!

I'm not sure whether I will have any stitchy photos for you today; oh, there will be time for stitching, but probably not until later today. I've been trying to straighten up our extra room where all of my stitching stash is stored. Unfortunately, this is also where all the extra things (i.e. crap) accumulate during the week and it's a little bit out of control!

I have to share with you a wonderful Christmas gift that I received from my stitching buddy Judy in Alexandria, MN. We got together last weekend (our attempt to get together in December was thwarted by a snowstorm!)

Judy loves to cross stitch, but she also does gorgeous Hardanger. We met years ago at a Nordic Needle retreat -we both took the Hardanger classes that were offered at that retreat.

Judy shared some of her Hardanger handiwork with me. Isn't it gorgeous?

She also gifted me with a round box; a piece of cross-stitch or Hardanger can be inserted inside the lid. I'm still debating whether I will stitch some Hardanger or a cross stitch design for it!

And, she gave me this cute tatted angel. If I remember correctly, she said that an elderly woman (in her 90's) tatted this angel.

I can't remember if I shared a picture of my dowel tree with you. You will remember that my husband made this for me last year. I pulled it out in December and put some of the smaller cross stitch ornaments on it. I enjoy looking at these ornaments and so they haven't been put away yet!

Before I forget, I've been wanting to share one more thing with you. Stitchville is having a retreat again this year. The dates are April 8 - 10. This year Jeanette Douglas is coming and she's designing a piece especially for the retreat. We had such a great time last year - the accommodations were very comfortable and the meals were outstanding. The classroom had great lighting and comfortable seating. Details can be found on Stitchville's website or click here for the brochure. Some pictures from last year's retreat with Blackbird Designs can be found here or if you are interested in my retreat report just go back to my blog posts here, here, and here. If you are thinking about attending a needlework retreat this year, I hope you will join us; would love to meet up with stitching blogging friends. Our snow should be melted by April! :)

Have a wonderful day!


mainely stitching said...


I have thanked you for the beautiful angel you sent us, haven't I???


Margaret said...

Oh my! I love the gifts you received from your friend. Just wonderful! That little tatted angel is adorable! I wish I could go to the Stitchville retreat. One of these days I'm going to go retreat-crazy! lol!

Lynn said...

Gorgeous gifts!! That round box is so pretty and the tatted angel is adorable. I'm always in awe of hardanger work too. I took one class but haven't tried it again on my own.
Your final challenge pieces in the previous post are really great as well. I'm enjoying watching everyone's choices.

Delusional Knitter said...

Beautiful stuff. Love the dowell tree, what a cool idea.

RuthB said...

Oooo, such lovely presents. That should brighten up any new year and chase away the remains of any snowstorm. :)

BrendaS said...

Beautiful gifts from your friend. That box looks very much like the one for a Shepherds Bush piece -- Take Joy. I think it would look great with hardanger in it too:)

Thanks for the info on the stitching retreat. It sure sounds like a lot of fun, but it's the very end of tax season and I know I couldn't get the time of work:(((

Jeanne said...

Nice gifts Cathy and your husband is a dear to make such a cute dowel tree for you! I just love that round box - congrats! (okay I'm looking up Stitchville right now.....someday I have GOT to go to a stitching retreat!)

WendyJo said...

Those are so beautiful Cathy. Lovely gifts!

Hazel said...

Beautiful pictures Cathy. Love the hardanger. x

Karoline said...

Gorgeous gifts from your friend.

You started some lovely projects for your challenge

rachie said...

hello from France ! ;o)

I m a new french cross stitch designer and I would like to present my patterns ;o)

see you soon on my blog 123 citrouille


Marianne said...

Cathy don't put away your tree, start filling it with Valentine ornaments! Great looking dowel tree.