Friday, January 27, 2017


Every now and then, a German word slips out of my mouth. "Fertig" is German for "finished". Tonight I finished a small project. One of the Facebook groups I belong to, "All About Smalls", challenged its members in January to start and fully finish a small project.

This Hornbook was designed by Catherine Theron for our guild's retreat in 2014. The theme of the retreat was "Embrace the Pace" hence the tortoise and the hare.

Here is the front and back:

And her is a finishing tip for you. I learned this one from Sherri Jones of Patrick's Woods.

Need to pull cording or ribbon through a small hole? Use a floss threaded to guide it through! I keep a packet of them in with my finishing supplies. Never know when one might come in handy!

Haven't stitched much this week. Hoping to fix that this weekend.


Robin in Virginia said...

Your hornbook finish is fabulous. Thank you for the tip! Enjoy your weekend!

deb said...

The hornbook came out very nicely and you met the start-to-finish challenge - yay!

Great tip - thanks!

Stasi said...

Great job on the challenge piece--love the tortoise and the hare!

Khristine Doiron said...

What a sweet little finish! And I think the story of the tortoise and the hare go perfectly with stitching :)

Barb said...

Great finish.