Sunday, January 15, 2017

Stitching is Done!

I finished the stitching for my Hornbook. Now I just need to find time to finish it.

The alphabet will go on the front:

The date goes on the back. This was designed for our retreat in 2014. The theme was "Embrace the Pace" hence the tortoise and the hare.

As long as we have an animal theme going on here, allow me to show you a new mug I acquired recently on clearance at a local gift shop. The box it was in is pretty cool too!

When I drink my tea, there's a fox on the inside staring at me.

Foxes seem to be very popular this year. I've been seeing them everywhere!


Khristine Doiron said...

Beautiful stitching! And that mug is so sweet! The little fox on the inside is just too cute :)

deb said...

Congrats on finishing the stitching for your hornbook. I like the theme - maybe because I'm very much on the tortoise side of stitching speed, lol.

carolsylvester said...

Hi Cathy--where did you buy the teacup? The fox is really cute!

Carol S.