Sunday, February 04, 2018

January Wordplay and FOMO Forest Snowfall

Thought I'd jump in here quick with an update, otherwise the Mad Tatter will be all over me.  We do all possible to keep the Mad Tatter happy.  Life can be challenging when she is unhappy! :)

Anyhooo - I had two finished in January.  Can you believe it?  Yes, TWO finishes!

My first finish was January Wordplay from With Thy Needle and Thread.  I'm kind of late to the party, but I have so enjoyed seeing all of your finishes.

Not finished, finished yet, but I plan to mount it somehow in this metal tray that I picked up at Hobby Lobby a few months ago.

Finish #2 is Forest Snowfall from Country Cottage Needleworks. This was a FOMO stitch.  FOMO = Fear of Missing Out.  Everyone was stitching this with Flosstube superstars Priscilla and Chelsea and so I had to stitch it too. 

I had the called for linen in my stash (32ct) and used threads that I had, making only a few modifications.  It was kind of relaxing to stitch on 32 count with two threads for a change.

Now I'm working on a WIP from my stash.  I decided that before I would allow myself to pick up something new I would try to either finish or at lease make significant progress on a WIP.  I chose this one from Heartstring Samplery - Never Let You Go.  I'd be a lot farther along on this one if I hadn't started over in order to change to a different linen (my friends are rolling their eyes now).

I'm stitching it on 40 ct Vintage Country Mocha with the called for threads. (sorry for the wrinkles)

Well Mad Tatter promised we would have a super-sized tatting update pretty soon.  She's been busy tatting ice drops, snowflakes and small doilies and having a grand time doing it!

Have a great Sunday.  We will be watching the Super Bowl from the warmth of our family room.  Hope all of our visitors in Minnesota are dressed appropriately.  Good thing that the game is indoors!


Robin in Virginia said...

Super finishes! If you mount your word play piece a la Priscilla, it should work in your tray. Enjoy the rest of your day!

Barb said...

You have done some very pretty stitching! I am so glad that game is inside. Your temps have been very low!

Khristine Doiron said...

Beautiful beautiful stitching! Congrats on 2 finishes! And looking forward to the tatting update :)

Halland House Gifts said...

Cathy, I would be happy with one finish. They look great! Judy

Stasi said...

Two perfect finishes for January! I have the Word Play series and so want to get on them. I'm new to the acronym FOMO and fear it applies to me.....I need more time in the day to indulge!!!

Mary said...

Congrats on two finishes!! I love the word plays and it will be perfect a la Priscilla!!

deb said...

The Wordplay finish is adorable, as is Forest Snowfall. FOMO – what a perfect acronym, LOL (I’m probably way behind the times that I’ve not been aware of it before reading this post) … oh my, how many charts do I have in my stash because I was afraid they would disappear and I wouldn’t get a chance to stitch them?!

I very much like the look of Never Let You Go – that’s going to be a lovely sampler!

Karoline said...

Congratulations on your finishes, they are lovely. That sampler has some cute critters on it.

Eva said...

You have been MIA for the past three weeks. Hope all is well.

RJ said...

Very pretty stitching. I love both of the stitches you have done. I have stitched 11 of the 12 word plays...just have November left to do. But need to do alot of finishing on them.