Monday, December 09, 2013

Busy Weekend and Cold Feet

The weekend went by so fast! Two busy days. On Saturday I attended the holiday luncheon for our local EGA chapter - St. Paul Needleworkers. The tables were festively decorated!

Do you see the table favor that is sitting at each place? It's a mini faux needlework casket!

The lid in this picture looks a little wonky, but trust me when I tell you it is the photographer! The boxes were filled with chocolate treats! Neat gift.

Guess who the guest speaker was? Yours truly provided information on Hovej Embroidery and Mrs. Szigethy. Of course, I brought my collection of tablecloths and doilies along for their viewing pleasure!

It's my way of "giving back" to Mrs. Szigethy and her daughter for the kindness that they showed me last year when I visited them in Hungary.

Will save Sunday for another post...

As for the cold feet, no, I'm not backing out of anything. I really have cold feet. Like most places in the U.S., it is cold here!

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Margaret said...

What lovely favors! I bet your talk was wonderful. I'd love to see Mrs. S's work in person.

Mrs. DillyDally said...

Oh … how I wish I could be at your presentation! What a great opportunity for you to share all that you've learned…wonderful way to pay tribute!

C Street Samplerworks said...

I'd love to have seen and heard your presentation. It's such a beautiful and fascinating art.

And what cool little caskets--and filled with chocolates, too! Is there somewhere these can be bought?

C Street Samplerworks said...
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Heritage Hall said...

Outstanding favors...have never
seen them before...can you say
where they are available...what
a wonderful gift for stitcher