Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Season of Giving

I'm up early this morning; couldn't sleep. Thought I could get a few things done before I head off to work.

I wrapped a few gifts for co-workers - these are the only three ornaments that I have finished this year!

Many thanks to Carol at iStitch for the pattern. Note that I adjusted the pattern and stitched one of the ornaments vertically!

The stitching elf was busy again. Recently I received another package from my "partner in crime" (Chris) with some additional pieces she finished. These will all go to the family of our stitching friend who died early this year.

This was a piece that we think she was working on for her daughter who has two boys...

And this is a holiday piece that was almost finished (up through the letter "T"). Chris finished the stitching and I finished it into a banner that they can hang during the holidays.

Finally, two more Hardanger pieces. There's a story...Chris had bought a kit from Permin. There were two doily patterns and supplies to complete in the kit. She stitched and finished the doily she wanted and then Linda took the rest of the kit to stitch and finish the other doily. She didn't like the fabric that was included in the kit though, so after starting it, switched over to another piece of fabric. Chris finished both of them....

I look forward to delivering these pieces sometime this week. I am glad we were a able to bring some joy to a family who will undoubtedly have a difficult time this holiday season after the loss of their sister/mother/grandmother. I am grateful for my friend Chris who was so willing to be part of making all of this possible.

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Margaret said...

Love the gifts you made for your co-workers. Lovely finishes for your stitching friend's family too. You and Chris are wonderful!

Vickie said...

I love those ornaments! Such a great color combination.
What a fabulous work the two of you are doing for your friend's family.♥

llknbillburg said...

This is just such a lovely thing you and your friend are doing for this family. I'm sure it will make their holiday a little sweeter. Laura

Mrs. DillyDally said...

Your thoughtfulness and compassion is as inspiring as the work of your hands!

marly said...

The family will be so touched. Beautifully finished! I love the little ornaments too.

Catherine said...

What a lovely thing to do!

Heritage Hall said...

How kind and generous of you to
reach out like that at this time
of the year that might be very
difficult for your Friend's family
Here is hoping that the joy you
bring returns to you 10 fold....
Blessings ~