Saturday, April 15, 2006

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to my stitching friends! Hope you have a wonderful day however you choose to celebrate it!

Sorry for not being a more active blogger or stitcher this week. One of my other passions is singing and it has been a busy week for that. I sing in the choir at my church and we've had a number of rehearsals for the various Easter services. Last Sunday evening I sang at Evensong and now since Thursday, there's been a service every evening.

We will spend Easter at my mom's; she's a wonderful cook. My four brothers and their families will be there - unusual that we will all be together on the same holiday! Hopefully, my sister-in-law and I will be able to squeeze in a little stitching time after all the dishes are cleared.

Last evening, after I arrived home from church, I spent a couple of hours straightening up my stitching room - it needed it! Why is it that we experience such enjoyment from fingering our stash? I still have a few more things to put away this morning, but my WIPs are organized. While going through my patterns, I picked out designs for the Dog Days of Summer and For the Birds exchanges that I will be participating in on the U.S. Exchange Board. I also discovered a number of patterns that I didn't even remember that I had (how sad is that?)

It's going to be a beautiful spring day here in Minnesota - wherever you are, I hope you experience a delightful day. I'll be blogging and stitching more soon.


Isabelle said...

Hello Cathy, have a wonderful Easter! :)

AnneS said...

Enjoy your time over Easter too - sounds like you're having a wonderful one so far :)

Barbara said...

Wish I could hear you sing, Cathy! (My kids used to cry as babies if I tried to sing ... boo hoo.)

Happiest Easter to you & yours!

Von said...

I'm sure your choir's singing was just as marvelous as at my church this year. Everyone was spot on!
I need to spend some time straightening up my sewing area. There's also a lot of paper stacked on my schoolwork desk - but I'd rather be stitching!

Lelia said...

Delighted to hear you enjoyed the sprucing up of your stitching room. I enjoy thumbing thru my stash once in awhile, too. Only, now that I know where things are 'hidden' I'm not moving anything!!! LOL.

Did pull out my DT Sanctuary -- maybe I'll get more of the flowers done today. Always fun to work on flowers in the Spring.