Saturday, September 30, 2006

Halloween Exchange

Lookie, lookie what was in my mailbox today - from Becky! She had my name for the SBEBB Halloween Exchange.

First, this beautiful Halloween Primitive Bag. As I told Becky in my e-mail to her, I have never stitched or received anything quite like this so it is really special to me. Its also going to remain in my stitching/computer room after Halloween is over!

As if this wasn't enough, Becky also sent lots of goodies, Silkweaver fabbie, some beautiful autumn shades of floss, various ribbon, pillows for finishing, and other Halloween decorations. Thank you Becky!

My package was sent off today and has a ways to travel but should be received within the next 4 - 6 days. I hope my exchange partner likes it and I will post a photo as soon as she has it.

Hopefully you are enjoying a beautiful Autumn weekend as we are in Minnesota. The weather is perfect! Happy Stitching!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Happy Dance!

This was a quick stitch! I started it on Sunday evening and finished it on Monday evening. This will be a gift for a friend whose son is serving in Iraq. I'm planning to get it framed before I give it to her.

Birds of a Feather - Pray for Peace
  • 35 count white linen
  • Stitched with one strand of floss over two threads
  • Used recommended overdyed threads (Weeks)

    I was surprised to find a package from Lelia in my mailbox the other day! She sent me a lovely piece of cream Belfast linen. Hmmmm, what shall I do with it? :)
  • Sunday, September 24, 2006

    No Pictures.....Yet....

    Hi everyone. Hope you are enjoying a fabulous weekend. It's been raining here the past few days, but this morning the sun is shining! Hopefully it will be a beautiful fall day!

    Not too much to share - I've been busy stitching and finishing exchange gifts for October. In fact, I was on a finishing frenzy yesterday - finished four, count 'em, FOUR exchange gifts all due to be mailed in October.

  • Halloween Exchange on the SBEBB
  • Needlework Smalls on the SBEBB
  • Autumn Exchange on the USEBB
  • Fall Quaker on the SBEBB

    I had one little mishap with my Autumn Exchange - it was supposed to be a needleroll but when I went to finish it I realized that I had stitched it the wrong way on the fabric! Stupid me! We need to reinvent the phrase "measure twice, cut once" to something like "study pattern twice, stitch once". All was not lost - I just had to use a different finishing technique. Talk about turning a lemon into lemonade.

    My personal favorite is the Fall Quaker on the SBEBB - the theme was "pink" to mark Breast Cancer Awareness in October. I tried a new finishing technique and it turned out fabulous! The finish incorporates some "breast cancer awareness" fabric with the little pink ribbons - it is sooooooo cute. I may have to make another one for myself.

    Wish I could share pictures, but you will have to wait. Many of these do not get mailed until October 15th. I have a couple more exchanges to work on during the next few weeks and I'm also working on ornaments for Christmas gifts
    - those I can share pictures of as I get them finished.

    Thanks for stopping by - especially all my new blog readers. Have a great day!
  • Saturday, September 16, 2006

    Redwork Exchange Received

    Wow, it's been eight or nine days since I last posted. No worries, we just have been overwhelmed with the start of school, kids activities, projects at work and the like. I really haven't done much stitching except for upcoming exchanges; you can anticipate more photos next month after gifts are received.

    I learned that Ana received my Redwork exchange gift. I sent her this pretty little heart pillow. This design is available online on the Piecework website. It is called Cross-Stitch Heart with Quaker Motifs, the design is from Janice Wood. I used linen and thread from my stash.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Thursday, September 07, 2006

    Wait...Stop...There's More!

    I'm embarrassed to admit this, but I completely missed the strawberry that Nicki also stitched for me on the redwork exchange. I was so completely amazed by the lovely box that I completely missed the strawberry!

    This picture of the box is at a slightly different angle (now you can really tell that it is a box!) See the pretty strawberry? Thanks again Nicki!

    More Exchange Updates

    I received this lovely box in the mail today from Nicki as part of a redwork exchange on the SBEBB! (It's hard to tell that it is a box in this photo, but trust me, it is!) The design is the Secret Garden from Blackbird Designs. The box is lined with beautiful red fabric - wish you could see it, this picture really doesn't do the piece justice!

    Along with the box came red buttons, red fabric and some red floss! Many thanks to Nicki. Hopefully my redwork piece will arrive at its destination this week!

    Chris just notified me that the scissors fob I stitched for her arrived safely. You may recall that I was the very lucky recipient of a scissors fob from Chris! I'm glad I had the opportunity to return the favor!

    I stitched the scissors fob from the Cindy Valentine Apricot Elegance ensemble. As you can see, I stitched Chris' fob in blue using Needle Necessities overdyed pearle cotton. The initials are C on one side and C on the other side (for Chris and Cathy!) You will need to visit Chris' blog to see a photo. Apparently I forgot to take one before I sent it off!

    Happy Stitching!

    Monday, September 04, 2006

    Just Can't Stop

    I am absolutely, positively, completely possessed about pinkeeps! I just can't stop!

    Saturday, September 02, 2006

    Finishes Galore!

    Happy Saturday!

    I'm sorry - there haven't been too many posts from me lately. Most of my stitching is for exchanges; you will get to see them eventually! It's been a busy week with the kids starting school and my mother needing some help towards the end of the week.

    Here are some recent finishes! I'm getting more and more brave with how I finish my stitched pieces!

    First, here's the most recent LHN pillow called Season of Growth. I think this is probably my favorite so far. The fourth design in this series is available now, but I haven't purchased it yet.

    Second, this was a complimentary chart from Brittercup Designs. My daughter actually did the stitching, I just finished into a little pillow/ornie for her room. She changed the thread color from black to more of a chocolate color (we have a chocolate lab/chesapeake bay retriever mix).

    Next, here's an ornament I stitched up a few weeks ago. This is a Homespun Elegance design from one of the JCS Ornament issues. (First time I've ever finished an ornament like this with cording!)

    And last but not least, here's a LHN design I finished a few weeks ago called Blossoms and Blackbirds. I mounted it to some foam core board (similar to a pinkeep finish, just thicker). I'm not very good at making bows!

    Well, must get back to the laundry and other household chores that are waiting for me!