Saturday, May 27, 2023

An April Finish - Though He Seemeth Sleeping

Loved this stitch from beginning to end. Though He Seemeth Sleeping from Lucy Beam. Stitched on 36 ct Mind Blowing from Fort Night Fabrics. Weeks, GAST, and Classic Colorworks.

Friday, May 26, 2023

April Shenanigans - Part 2

And the Cross stitch Extravaganza continued on Friday with a fascinating lecture on linen and needlework tools from Pat Ryan and Ann Robbins from R&R Reproductions/ Dyeing to Stitch.

They shared so much information and spoke for just over two hours. It was so interesting!

The afternoon designer was Stacy Nash! I’ve met Stacy before but this was my first official class with her. We received the kit to make this swan biscornu!

Here are some snapshots of Stacy’s trunk show!

The two days were over before we knew it, but the retreat did not disappoint. We enjoyed seeing old friends and meeting new ones. It was an inspiring two days!

Monday, May 22, 2023

April Shenanigans - Part 1

April was a busy month. I usually like to update this blog with my travels, but I just didn’t have time.

My Partners in Crime and I headed down to the Kansas City area for the Quilter’s Station Cross Stitch Extravaganza. We really enjoy this retreat. It’s easy travel - straight shot south on I-35. Two days, four designers, and lots of familiar faces. Excellent shopping at Quilter’s Station. We didn’t make any extra stops this time, just traveled for the retreat.

I can’t remember the exact order of the designers anymore, so let’s just start with La D Da! Lori M never disappoints. Her project this time was a small pin pillow with the design taken from an antique sampler that she owns.

Each designer brings a trunk show with them. Here are some snapshots of Lori’s models.

I think we also heard from Vickie Jennett of Needlework Press that first day. She presented an interesting lecture on houses in samplers. Our project included a sampler with a red house! Of course, no project from Vickie is complete without a design for perforated paper.

The original is shown first followed by the reproduction.

Vickie had a lovely trunk show in display too.

Will tell you more about Day 2 tomorrow!

Sunday, May 21, 2023

WIP Stitch-uation

Had time yesterday to pull out my pressing mat and take some pictures! Thought I would share photos of the projects I have been working on in April and May.

I am loving this design from Mojo Stitches. It’s called The Humble Stitcher. The colors are my jam. I’m stitching on a piece of Lakeside Linen 36ct Vintage Bisque, so it’s a relaxing and enjoyable stitch.

At the end of April, I started this older design from Plum Street Samplers. I’ve had this in my stash forever. Another piece of Lakeside Linen! I think it’s Vintage Sand Dune. Just a modest start…

My Blue Earth friends talked about starting a Sunday stitch in April and I wanted to partake in their fun. I have started this design three times now - just can’t find the right piece of linen. I might have it right now. This is from Amy Mitten and it’s a reproduction - Sarah Verrier - it’s the Lord’s Prayer in French!

While at the retreat in Amana, I worked on another Plum Street design that I plug away on a little bit each year. It’s called A New Constellation. Paulette has four samplers designed in this style (the fourth one will be released this fall). They are stitch heavy! I have a lot done and quite a bit to go.

In April, I attended the Quilter’s Station retreat in Lee’s Summit, MO. These last two projects are from that retreat. First up, La D Da. This motif is from an antique sampler in her collection. It will make a sweet little pin pillow when finished.

Last but not least, a design from Stacy Nash. This will be a biscornu when finished,

There you go! My current stitching projects! Only problem is…I’m itching to stitch patriotic. It’s that time of year!

Saturday, May 20, 2023

A Lucky Find

I was reminded today that there are several people out there who still follow this blog. I need to do a better job of updating more regularly. It definitely would keep the Mad Tatter happy!

One of the fun things about visiting Amana is the variety of antique shops that can be explored. There are several shops within walking distance of the event center where the retreat is held. One of my favorites is called Grapevine Antiques. They have lots of variety - I found some vintage tatting shuttles, some old cookie cutters, and a few other things. The best find though was a vintage quilt! It was down in the basement, tucked away in a basket. 

I wasn’t really looking for a quilt, but this one grabbed my heart. There were 48 blocks and the flower designs had been hand embroidered. The fabric colors appealed to me too - bubblegum pink and green. I also could tell that the entire quilt was hand quilted.

Looking closer at the quilt, I could not find a single tear, there were no holes and no stains. Then I looked at the price tag - it was $46! What??? Decision made, this quilt was coming home with me. Here she is:

It fits the top of our queen size bed. I didn’t realize the significance of the blocks until I got back to the retreat. These are the 48 state flowers! Yes, you read that correctly, 48 states. That means this quilt was likely made before 1959. Based on the fabrics used, it might even have been made as far back as the 30’s.

It was such a lucky find. Someone put a lot of work in it. I feel fortunate to have it and will treasure it!

I forgot to post a dog photo last time and the Mad Tatter asked about it. We were dog sitting this weekend for our son so here’s Lizzie and Finn relaxing on the loveseat.

Thanks for stopping by. I will try to be better!

Sunday, May 07, 2023

Farm Girl Gatherings Retreat - Amana, IA

Just returned from an extended weekend in Amana. It was relaxing and fun, but re-entry is hard! I just woke up from a two-hour nap after the long drive home.

I love Amana. It’s peaceful and quiet, the air is clean, and it’s a beautiful place. The fields were ready for planting, trees were budding, spring flowers were blooming, and the cows were everywhere. Saw lots of baby cows in the fields on my way out of town today! Here are some of the photos I took on Friday morning of Amana and the countryside surrounding East Amana.

I arrived on Wednesday afternoon. My friend Sue and I met at Fern Hill in South Amana. Nice mix of gifts and antiques, and the entire second floor was filled with quilt fabric.

We also went to the Amana Furniture Store and to Amazing Grace in Main Amana and then finished out the day at the Ronneburg Restaurant where I had some delicious chicken schnitzel for dinner! I had to take a piece of pie back to my hotel room, well, because it’s a tradition. This piece of coconut cream pie did not disappoint! 

The retreat officially began on Thursday morning. It’s held at the Price Creek Event Center in Amana. The trees and flowers surrounding the event center smelled so good!

Paulette Stewart of Plum Street Samplers was the featured designer and her exclusive project was amazing. She said her combined her love of nautical and America inspired this design.

Will thoroughly enjoy stitching this wonderful project!

The fun continued in Amana! They were celebrating Maifest on Friday night and Saturday. The town was decorated with May poles, ribbons, and flowers. On Saturday morning there was a parade and there was live music and food trucks in the lot just next to the event center. Very festive!

Here are some pictures of Paulette’s models from the trunk show she brought with her!

It was a great weekend! Now trying to get my head in gear as the reality of a new work day returns tomorrow. Grateful to have had such a wonderful weekend!