Saturday, September 29, 2007

Stash for Sale

I am parting with some of my stash – I had good intentions when I purchased these projects, but now I find that I have far more than I would ever be able to stitch in my lifetime!

All of these charts have never been stitched. Non-smoking home. Fibers or fabric are included where indicated. Prices include postage for U.S. addresses only. I accept check, mo, or PayPal – please email me at if you are interested or have questions.

The Drawn Thread

-French Garden Needlework Pocket & Scissors Keeper (original retail $21 – includes chart and Needlepoint Inc Silk, Caron Waterlilies, beads and charm) - $10

-Lily of the Valley (original retail $30.75 – includes chart, fabric, fibers, and beads to complete project) - $15

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Just a Bunch of Nunsense

Yes, that's right, I meant "nunsense" not "nonsense!" I usually limit my posts to stitching related items, but since I have nothing new to show I'm going to deviate a little bit!

Last weekend we had our fall festival at church. This year, our church is celebrating its sesquicentennial (150 years). Lots of things to do for all ages over the two-day celebration. On Saturday night there was a variety show. Some of my friends from church and I have done this act on and off for the past five or six years. Since it was such a significant year, we decided to "dust off our habits" and do the act again this year.

Let me explain...have you ever seen the play "Nunsense" - it's hilarious, especially if you were raised Catholic and went to private school where the teachers were nuns. Even if you didn't experience it first hand, the play is still quite funny. If you haven't seen Nunsense, then I'm sure you've seen or heard about the movie "Sister Act" starring Whoppi Goldberg.

Now why am I telling you all of this? See below:

We call ourselves the "Sisters of the OCC" (Order of Complete Chaos!) By the way, there was a real nun up there on stage with us! I'm the nun at the microphone in the middle.

We are an "equal opportunity" order!

Yes, I'm the good sister on the right. That's apple cider that I'm drinking by the way (yeah right!)

I guess you've just seen another side of me!

Friday, September 21, 2007

PIF Gift Received

My fifth and final PIF gift for 2007 was received a couple of weeks ago by Angela in England. What did she receive? Yup, you guessed right -- one of my hardanger doilies!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

A Few More Pictures

I'm going to be traveling this week for work, so before I go I thought I'd leave you with a few more pictures.

Lavender Rose asked what I do with all of the exchanges that I receive. I'm very lucky to have a room that's dedicated to my stitching habit. Our family computer is located in that room too. So here are just a couple of snapshots - some of the smalls are in baskets and some are up on a shelf. I have a few of them tucked away and then I rotate every so often!

Look at the thoughtful RAK I received from Lelia this week. She volunteered at the Midwest Stash exchange this past week and this was the project at the "make it, take it" table. All proceeds went to the American Heart Association. The beaded fob was made by another friend of Lelia's. Too cool!

Lastly, -- I got one! When I checked at JoAnn's last weekend, they didn't have the new Ashley scissors in, but this weekend they did. They are really pretty!

Have a good week everyone; I'll be back on Wednesday!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

It'a All About Me!

Yes, I had a great mail week - package after package all for me! It's always a lot of fun when exchanges start rolling in.

Package #1 - My Fair and Square block from Brenda. We discovered that our likes and dislikes were pretty similar, so it was quite easy to decide on a design for each others squares. I stitched the house from the bottom of The Drawn Thread's Sunflower Bellpull (picture was a few posts back). As you can see, Brenda stitched a house from an LHN design. It's great!

Package #2 - What's the Buzz exchange on the SBEBB. Wendy in Canada had received my name and she stitched this design from Shepherd's Bush and finished it into a lovely pillow that can be hung if desired. I also received a great pattern from Wendy - A Quaker Floral from Midnight Stitching. I haven't stitched anything from this designer so I'm excited to stitch this one.

Package #3 - Seasonal Exchange - Summer. Carolyn must have been studying my blog. She figured out how much I like designs from Homespun Elegance. This great design is finished and ready for hanging in my stitching room. Carolyn really spoiled me by sending lots of goodies - check out the picture below!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. I've been doing my usual - laundry, cleaning, etc. Hopefully there will be time for stitching later this evening!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Not Much to Blog About

Hi everyone. Hope those of you here in the U.S. enjoyed today's holiday; I know I did. I will never complain about a long weekend!

I haven't got too much stitching to show. Recently I started The Counting House from Little House Needleworks. I've also been stitching Hardanger angels. I can make one in about 90 minutes - I still have the cutting and the wrapping to do, but that won't take too much time. I've got five stitched right now.

So that's all I have to report on! I haven't shared an updated puppy picture lately so here's a recent picture of our little Maggie - she's almost 4 months old now.

Thanks for stopping by. Hello to all the newbies that have stopped commented too!