Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Progress Made

Hello and Happy Hump Day! Today I thought I would share with you the progress I have made on my Carriage House Samplings Alphabet Sampler. You might recall that I was planning to stitch two blocks each month. Well, January went well...then came along February...then March. In the past week or so, I've managed to add blocks C, D, and E. Maybe by the 31st I will have F stitched and then I will be back on track!

I took timeout from stitching this to whip up a hardanger doily for my friend Joan who celebrated a milestone last Sunday - her 50th birthday! This is my all time favorite hardanger pattern and I stitched it using some Needle Necessities perle cotton. Happy Birthday Joan!

Finally, a picture to show you what's been keeping me busy in recent weeks. My baby is a senior in high school this year. Her basketball team went to the state tournament and they placed second! My DD is the one in the middle!

Enjoy the rest of your week! Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

When I Was Young and in My Prime

Quickie post ... I finished this sampler last night! See the full text on my previous post.

When I Was Young and in My Prime
Mary Garry
36ct LL Light Examplar
Belle Soie Sister Scarlet
Belle Soie Herb Garden

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Would You Like to Take a Peek?

Here's a peek at what I'm working on right now. As you can see, it's almost finished. The design is from Mary Garry and it is called "When I was Young and in my Prime." The verse reads:

"When I was yound and in my prime,
Here you may see that I spent my time,
With needle and fine embroidery."

I snatched this up on eBay a couple of weeks ago and felt compelled to stitch it right away. I'll share fabric and fiber selections when I post the finish.

What do you know about Mary Garry? I just recently discovered her designs, which of course are all out of print because she isn't designing anymore! Most everything in my collection has been purchased on eBay. Her designs are quite popular, I know that oher stitching bloggers love them too. Does anyone know what happened to Mary Garry? It's too bad that she doesn't re-publish her designs like Anne Brown from The Goode Huswife has done -- I think they would be a big hit!

Enjoy your day!

Monday, March 08, 2010

Sampler Framed - Part II

Here's the other picture I promised you. (My daughter did such a good job of hiding the last name that it almost looks like I forgot to stitch it!) This is the birth sampler that I posted about on February 14. Now it's framed too and will be passed on to the beautiful baby that it was stitched for.

Before wrapping it up, I signed the back of the piece with my name and the date and some of the details about the design. I'm thinking I may start doing this with all of my stitched pieces. Just curious- does anyone else do this?

Have a great week. Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Sampler Framed!

My framing was ready for pick-up today at Michael's. I'm only going to show you one of the framed pieces; you will need to stop back tomorrow to see the other one! I finished stitching this piece last year and finally got around to getting it framed.

Red Reindeer Sampler
Recommended Fabric and Fibers

I'm going to share some better pictures of the gorgeous pinkeep I received from Becky K. The pictures in the last post were taken at night with artifical light and really didn't show this pinkeep's true beauty!

Hope you are enjoying a great weekend!

Cool Idea For Storing Floss

Friends -- check out this cool idea for storing floss...

Rosebud's Cottage

Friday, March 05, 2010

M.I.A. Stitcher

Missing in Action....yes, that would be me. Sorry that I have been gone so long. Work has consumed an exceptional amount of time since January and unfortunately it doesn't look like it's going to let up anytime soon. Then about two weeks ago my computer contracted a virus. It was really sick; but I found one of the best computer technicians around -- Mama Joan's favorite son. Not the one with the tattoos (if you visit her blog, you know who I mean) - it's the other son! He killed that virus and made some other adjustments and the ol' PC is working like new!

So, I suppose you want to see some pictures, right? How about if we start with the exchange that Darby and I had in February? Darby is rather new to blogging and never had participated in an exchange before. We decided last November or December to stitch something for each other and exchange in February. Well, we were both kind of thinking on the same wavelength as we both sent pinkeeps!

Here's the pinkeep Darby stitched and finished for me. You will recognize this Blue Ribbon Designs freebie I'm sure:

And here's the pinkeep I stitched for Darby. This is a Goode Huswife pattern called the Valentine Sampler. It seemed appropriate since our exchange "date' was February 13.

I enjoyed getting to know Darby better. It was fun doing this little exchange together!

Now it's March and a small group of us decided to have a pinkeep exchange. I was lucky to receive this beautiful pinkeep from Becky K! It's finished as a double-sided pinkeep. The design is from Blackbird Designs Joyeux Noel book. The colors she selected are so pretty. My photos are a little dark, sorry. Thank you Becky!

Finally, I had the opportuniy to stitch for Joan this time around. I don't think I've ever stitched an "exchange" piece for Joan. This design is from Carol R (iStitch blog) and is called Sew Patchwork.

So there you go; you're all caught up now! I recently started working on a OOP Mary Garry sampler; I'll save that one and try to post again tomorrow.

Have a great weekend!