Sunday, January 28, 2018

Oops I Did it Again

Good intentions...yes, I had good intentions to post to this blog on a regular basis, but once again I disappeared on you for a few weeks.

I started a new post back on Friday, January 12 from Mesa, Arizona. I was trying to post from my iPad, but my iPad and blogger don't like each other (they only get along when the post is short with no more than one picture!)  So, I scrapped the post and thought I would update the blog when I got home.

Things went quickly south while in Mesa.  I came down with a massive cold  Since I really wasn't enjoying myself and I'm sure my tablemates didn't appreciate me being there, I skipped the last day of the Symposium and came home on Sunday morning.  I have been sick ever since.  I just can't seem to get rid of the cough and the congestion.  Needless to say, I haven't felt much like blogging much less stitching. Despite this, I decided it was time to post an update today.  If you will oblige me, I'm going to pick up where I left off on January 12!


I love to travel, it’s in my blood.  On Thursday, January 11, my son brought me to the airport well in advance of my flight.  I had time to just sit and enjoy the excitement and anticipation of being at the airport.

It was not so nice outside.  Cold (10 degrees) and snowing.  The airport was working hard to keep the runways cleared.

Three hours later I was in a warmer place.  Where might I be?

I’m here for the Attic’s annual Sampler Symposium.  Spent time at the Attic this morning admiring their models and oohing and aahing over the various linens available.  The Attic has wonderful linens to choose from.  I purchased some 46ct from Lakeside Linen which I am anxious to try.

Their walls are filled with so many stitched models of samplers.

The Christmas corner looked great too!

I love this red sampler - I think it's a design from Long Dog.  The multiplication table below it is from Kathy Barrick.

I really like the sample in the middle of this photo too (stitched with blue thread).

Wonderful collection of models from Carriage House, Blackbird Designs, Chessie and Me and more...

Of course, Houses of Hawk Run Hollow and Village of Hawk Run Hollow caught me eye.  It was kind of like playing "Eye Spy"!

My primary reason for visiting the Attic and attending their Sampler Symposium was to meet Nicola Parkman from Hands Across the Sea Samplers.  These are the two models of the Uffindal sisters.

More Hands Across the Sea models...

Nicola had also brought along some of the original samplers, as well as some of their upcoming Nashville releases!

Friday was a good day!  I spent about two hours or so mulling around the Attic.  The Sampler Symposium would start at 5pm on Friday evening and I was really looking forward to it!

Sunday, January 07, 2018

On the Eleventh and Twelfth Days...

We've got Pipers Piping and Drummers Drumming!

Many thanks to my friend Chris for this wonderful gift.  I enjoyed sharing it with you over the past two weeks.  I have more gifts that I will be sharing with you over my next several posts!

This past week I was in Atlanta for a day and I was hoping for a reprieve from our frigid temperatures.  What a dreamer I was.  At least the temperature was above zero, but they were experiencing strong winds the day I was there which brought the wind chill down in the double digits below zero.  No reprieve from winter!

There was no stitching in my world during the week, but this weekend I made progress on a piece that didn't require much to move it to the finished pile.  

This is from the Chessie and Me class that I took in LaCrosse in September.  All that was left was the over one verse on the needlebook and the word "pins" on the pincushion.  The over one stitching is now completed and I need to find time in the near future to fully finish this project.

Chessie and Me "Miss Nettie's Needle Usefuls"

I have some pre-work for an upcomng class that I need to work on now, so back to the stitching chair!

Before I leave you, here's another sweet little ornament that I received from my stitching bud Marie.  The design is from Blackbird Designs and I believe it is is one of the JCS ornament magazines.

Stay warm!  Happy Stitching!

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

On the Ninth and Tenth Days...

Nine Ladies Dancing!  Ten Lords a Leaping!

Off today to warmer parts.  Perhaps I will be able to share a stitchy post from my hotel room tonight!

Monday, January 01, 2018

iStitch Blue Band Sampler Finished

I was hoping to have this finished last night, but it took a little longer than expected.  I was so close to finishing it so in lieu of starting something new today, I finished it!

This was a stitch along from iStitch Designs.  Yes, it’s called the BLUE Band Sampler, but I stitched mine in red!

We’re still going to call this a 2017 finish!

On the Eighth Day of Christmas... true love gave to me...Eight Maids a Milking!

I lov the little cow down in the corner!

I fell short of finishing the Red Band Sampler last night.  So close and yet so far!  I stayed up stitching until the ball dropped in New York and then I had to call it a night.

I just need to fill in the two boxes.  All of the other stitching is complete and the hemstitching on each end is done.  Despite not finishing it, I still stitched in the date "2017".

My friend Chris asked me today if I was going to do a review of my 2017 stitching.  I hadn't planned on it; I didn't think I had many finishes.  (I had a lot of starts, just not many finishes - ha, ha!)  After I went back through the pictures though, I realized that I had some quality finishes.  Here they are:

Top Row (left to right):  Blackbird Designs "Darling Buds of May", Betsy Morgan "Gathering for Winter", Chessie and Me "Hillside Sheep Needle Book"

Middle Row (left to right):  Goode Huswife "With My Needle", Milady's Needle (spools), Plum Street Samplerworks "Peace, Love and Purpose"

Bottom Row (left to right):  Heartstring Samplery "For Spacious Skies", Chessie and Me "Scarlet's Summer", assorted ornaments

Wishing you all the best in 2018!  Thanks for stopping by.