Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Reason for the Weekend

Finally, wrapping up last weekend's trip report. Our reason for traveling to the Chicago area was to take a Betsy Morgan class with the Lake Michigan Sampler Guild. The project was Betsy's Elizabethan Casket (google it or go to her blog for a picture.). We completed one of the smalls that goes in the casket. It's a little bag- you could put a thimble or some buttons in it. It was a great class and I look forward to working more on this project!

Since arriving home, I managed to finish the top for my Shepherd's Fold project. Yesterday, I "finished" finished it!

A couple of my friends and I found some coordinating fabric and decided to put a padded bottom in the box.

Now I'll need to get the fob finished. Looking forward to seeing what the next installment is going to be!

Happy Stitching!

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Friday, June 27, 2014

Weekend Part II

I kind of disappeared on you...sorry about that. My week got busy once I returned to reality. Just didn't have time to update my blog! We left off last Friday, day two of our Illinois adventure. Our class wasn't until Saturday and so we had time to visit two more shops in the Chicago area.

Stop number one was at Tomorrow's Heirlooms in Glen Ellyn, IL. I had been to this shop before, but it was nice to visit again. They have been in business a long time and there are many treasures in this shop!

Our second stop was at the Inspired Needle in Lemont, IL.

It was nice to visit with shop owner, Cathy, again. Her displays of needlework are so creative. I really liked these two samplers. Christmas Garden was stitched over one-- it was gorgeous!

Have always liked this sampler from Hearts Ease Examplar Workes- it's called A Maryland Inspiration.

Bonus- the Plum Street Sample trunk show was there!

Paulette was coming to do a workshop with the Inspired Needle on Saturday. Too bad we couldn't be in two places at once!

Class with Betsy Morgan is up next...

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Monday, June 23, 2014

On the Road Again - AGAIN!

Just returned from another road trip. Couldn't update during the trip because we didn't have internet access at our hotel.

After last week's trip to Indy I spent two day s at home to catch up the laundry, restock the groceries, and then repacked the suitcase for another needlework weekend. I know, it seems kind of crazy - two needlework weekends in a row - but when some of your favorite designers are so close to home, you just have to do it!

We left early Thursday AM. No stop for pie at the Norske Nook this time (don't want to ruin a good thing!). The drive was shorter...we were only going to the Chicago area this time.

We arrived early enough on Thursday to take in two needlework shops. We stopped first in Geneva, IL to visit Designer's Desk. This shop has been in business for thirty years and they have some hidden treasures in their basement. Needlepoint is on the first floor; cross stitch is on the second floor. We made a little dent in the wallet here!

Check out this model of "Virtue Outshines the Stars" - it was huge. Must have been stitched on 28 ct linen...

On to Welcome Stitchery in Crystal Lake! If you're from this area you are probably wondering why we didn't stop here first since it is further north (and we were traveling south.) Our route was "very strategic," we saved Welcome Stitchery for our second stop because they were open later.

Then I remembered that there was a Vera Bradley outlet store in Aurora, IL which was near the hotel we were staying at.

We did a little damage...

Will share more tomorrow...more shop visits followed by a class with Betsy Morgan!

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Making Progress

This is the next piece I would like to finish...

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Look at these two framed finishes! One of my friends has been doing my framing lately and I think she does a wonderful job!

This first piece is a gift. Awhile back my sister-in-law gave me all of her stitching stash. She is going to focus on quilting. There were a few pieces that were almost finished. I finished this one off and now it's going back to her!

And this beauty was finished quite sometime she's framed! Hillside Samplings School of Handwerke. I decided not to use the pink ribbon that was provided to frame the stitching.

That's it!

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Classes with Catherine

I was really looking forward to this weekend as I had not taken any classes with Catherine Theron before. We had the opportunity to meet her on Friday for a "stitching day" with the rest of the class participants; our classes were on Saturday and Sunday. I really like both of these projects...

...but I think I will be finishing A Stitcher's Envelope first. The second piece, Alphabet Primer Pocket is solid stitching over one. I'm not as intimidated by over one as I used to be, but it will take me longer!

Catherine was thrilled to see our finished Quaker Sewing Rolls. I think the greatest compliment we can give a designer is to actually stitch and finish their class pieces!

Yesterday was a travel day for us. We still managed to fit in a little stash enhancing. We stopped at Lynn's in Madison...

...and Witchery Stitchery in Mt. Horeb...

And then finished our day at our local guild's stash reallocation sale! Whew, I'm tired!

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Monday, June 16, 2014


Two days of classes with Catherine Theron...I promise a full report, but first we are going to take a slight detour!

We took time on Sunday to view a trunk show - yes, a stitcher's trunk show! My friend Chris brought some of her finished smalls with her. Put your seat belt on. Here we go...

Her completed Spring Fling retreat class project from The Drawn Thread...

This is a sampler from Stickideen von der Wiehenberger designs done on silk gauze...

Some C.A. Wells...

An Etui designed by Twisted Oaks...

Lots of beautiful things!

We are on our way home now. Hope to make it back in time to visit the St. Paul Needleworkers Garage Sale!

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Sunday, June 15, 2014

You Are in for a Treat!

Saturday morning, and it was a picture perfect day in Indiana. We traveled down the road a bit to Fortville, IN. Beautiful, small, old town feel to it. The flags were out for Flag Day.

Where were we headed? To The Studio! That's right, our class was the first to be held in Stacy Nash's new workshop!

The shop is beautiful...delectable displays of wool and linen, old and new combined, lots of prim. With Stacy's permission, I took these pictures for you. Let's let the pictures do the talking!

Each display was more inspiring than the next!

But we're not just here for shopping. We're here to take some classes. Check out our classroom...inspiring!

I felt immediately welcome when I walked in the door - why look, they even called me out by name!

Silly girl...I think the "Welcome Catherine" was for Catherine Theron, our renowned teacher!

More tomorrow...

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