Friday, April 14, 2023

March Update

I forgot to come back at the end of March and share my finishes with you! I had three finishes.

First up is this red sampler from Needlework Press. This was a class piece through the OCSG Sampler Guild. When finished, it will be a drawstring bag and hold clothespins. (That was how it was originally used.) It was an enjoyable stitch.

Next up, is the needleroll from the Shepherds Bush Fold. You might remember this round box and collection of needlework pieces from several years ago. I finished all of them, except for the needleroll. This will need to be finished soon.

Finally, I finished four more pages for Erica Michael’s sampler book. I and J were actually finished in February; I stitched the over one in March. Completed K and L entirely in March!

There are a couple other pieces that I stitched on in March; hopefully they will be finished this month.

Hope April is going well for you and that it is filled with lots of stitchy goodness.