Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Mystery Sampler Lesson 2

Hello Friends!

I was able to accomplish some stitching tonight - I completed lesson two for the Mystery Sampler in the EGA NeedleArts magazine. It was my first try at Blackwork and it wasn't too difficult. I think the medallion looks pretty good.

I've been doing a real good job of purchasing more patterns lately - so good that I am officially on the wagon! I have enough stash to stay busy for many, many years! With so many cool things to stitch, I am having trouble staying focused on one or two projects. My goal over the next few days is to decide on one or two projects to work on in October and stick to them.

I'm also working on bookmarks for our local EGA chapter outreach project. I'm hoping to talk my daughter into doing a couple for me using the pattern darning designs she has. I've got about five or six of these to complete before the next EGA meeting on October 17.

Thanks again to everyone that has visited my blog. Thanks for your kind comments too!

Happy Stitching!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Many Thanks

Thanks to everyone who has visited and special thanks to those who have left comments. I appreciate your friendship and encouragement!

The picture that I posted yesterday of North Country Sampler - this is a design by Drawn Thread. I should have given the appropriate credit in my original post. I am very fond of the Drawn Thread patterns and have many more in my stash waiting to be stitched.

Another designer that I really like is Diane Williams of Little House Needlework. Today I noticed that she has designed a special piece entitled "Faith Hope Love" and the proceeds will benefit Katrina's Kids Holiday Fund. You can only purchase this design through Elegant Stitch. I've already ordered mine!

At the same time, I joined Esmeralda's Friends club. Many of you have posted pictures of these projects on your blogs and I wanted to be part of this club too - plus it benefits a good cause!

I hope everyone has a fantastic Friday. I know that we all will be thinking about our neighbors in the South and hope that they will be safe from Rita's wrath this weekend.

Happy Stitching!

Another Christmas Ornament

(User error! I figured out why I was having trouble posting pictures! Smile!)

It's been another slow stitching week for me. Sooooo many things going on; I just feel like screaming "stop the madness!" As soon as the kids are settled in to school, I think it will get better.

Last night, I finished a third hardanger ornament. All three were designed by Donna Olson of Satin Stitches. This one has a lot of green in it - I used some leftover overdyed pearl cotton from Needle Necessities.

Over the weekend, I picked up the last of my framing from the LNS that's closing. They did a beautiful job on all of my pictures, but I wanted to post this one in particular - I finished it earlier this summer. I've never posted a picture of it before. This picture doesn't really do it justice - the frame looks like pine needles, the matting complements the thread colors - I just love it!

Thursday's Update

I had hoped to post some pictures for you, but apparently that option in Blogger is not working right now.

Do any of you remember the Little House Needlework Gameboard design that I posted back in August? This was a freebie from LHN. Yesterday, I found another version of it at my LNS. Rather than houses on either end, there are birds. I'm wondering how many versions there are of this gameboard - anybody know?

Here's the one I did in August:

I'll log on again tonight and try to post my pictures...until then, happy stitching!

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Hardanger Christmas Ornaments

Here are the two Hardanger ornaments I finished this evening. The one on the right only took about three hours total. The one on the left took a little bit longer (more weaving involved). I'm really pleased with them and will stitch more to give as gifts this Christmas. Both patterns are designed by Donna M. Olson from Satin Stitches.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Thursday's Update

Hello Friends!

It's been a difficult week to accomplish any stitching, but I thought I should post something. The kids are back in school but that means we are busier than ever - homework, activities, sports, etc. etc. I also sing in the choir at church and those rehearsals have started again too. Hopefully after the upcoming busy weekend I can return to a semi-regular stitching schedule.

I wanted to update you on my entry at the Minnesota State Fair - you may recall the Hardanger picture I posted a few weeks ago. I didn't win a ribbon of any kind, but I was still very pleased with comments I received from the judge. I actually earned the total number of points possible in the categories of Beauty and Character, Color, Design, Condition of Article, and Materials Used. They took off points for Complexity of Project. The judge wrote "This is very nice work but not as complex as others in same category." This told me what I wanted to know - my work is good enough to compete; next year I will just need to enter a piece that's more complex. I was very happy!

Do you ever go through a phase where you just can't decide what you want to stitch on? Last weekend I had a difficult time figuring out what I wanted to stitch (I think it's because I'm overwhelmed with choices - too much stash!) I have started stitching the Pray Tree - some of you may already be aware of this free pattern by M Designs. You can join the Yahoo! Group to receive the free pattern. Subscribe by sending a message to: Katrina_Pray-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

I also started working on a Hardanger ornament last weekend - I should be able to finish it this weekend and will then post a picture of it.

Thanks for visiting. I wish you all a great stitching weekend!

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Small Projects

I seem to be on a roll with scissors fobs. Here's the picture of my latest Hardanger fob. The picture doesn't really do it justice - I tried to scan it on my printer. I haven't purchased a digital camera yet! If nothing else, you'll get a feel for the colors - it's a lavendar colored fabric with an overdyed thread from the Caron Collection.

Yesterday, my local needlework shop celebrated it's Grand Opening. I purchased a kit that I've been reading about on other blogs - This Too Shall Pass 2004 Monograms & Motifs Scissors Keep and Scissors Fob. I'm anxious to start on this one!

Thanks to everyone who has visited my blog in recent days - Chelle, Lelia, KarenV, BeckySC, Kiwi Jo, Terri, Barbara, Cathymk - hope I didn't miss anybody!

Happy Stitching this week!

Friday, September 09, 2005

My First "Small"

Well, this is the first scissors fob I've ever completed. I had done the stitching a few weeks ago and tonight I finished it.

Now, would you like to have a little laugh at my expense? The first time I finished it, I had the pumpkin upside down. Yes, I had attached the cording to the wrong end! Rip it, rip it. We all have to start somewhere, right?

Happy Stitching this weekend...

Monday, September 05, 2005

September Already?

Is it really September already? Where did the summer go? I must admit though, I probably enjoy the fall best of all - I love the colors of fall and the cooler temperatures.

Another LNS closing - it always saddens me when I hear that a needlework store is going out of business. Within the last three years, we've had a number of them close in the Twin Cities. Fortunately, the one that I frequent the most is still in business and seems to be doing well. The one that's closing was not all that convenient for me, but they did beautiful framing and I always took my needlework pieces to them.

On Saturday, I took three pieces to them for framing - all fairly recent finishes:

  • Drawn Thread - North Country Sampler
  • Blackbird Designs - Stars and Stripes
  • Little House Needleworks - ABC123

    Because they do such a nice job, I wanted to make sure they did my framing on these!

    About the only thing I completed this weekend was a small freebie pattern from Victoria Sampler. The pattern is on the website and it's called Heirloom Wedding Sampler Free Pattern. I plan to use this teal colored one as a scissors fob:

    Tonight I was playing around with some other colors and I'm thinking this might make a nice Christmas ornament:

    I still need to complete the filling stitches on the red version. And then there's the finishing - not my favorite part!

    Have a great week everyone!