Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Stitching at the Ranch

Experienced almost five days of stitching bliss this past weekend. Here are the projects I worked on:

Sampler Book from Erica Michaels - G and H blocks are finished!

Another Erica Michaels project that I had started and is now finished - The Orphanage Sampler.

This Prairie Schooler chart entitled Winter Wind is almost finished. Just need to complete the filling stitches at the bottom.

Last but not least, this is one of Liz Mathews trees. This was designed as a special project for the Delaware Valley Historic Sampler Guild. Just need to complete the filling stitches at the bottom of this one too!

I worked on one other project for a few hours before realizing I had made a major counting mistake. Not sure what I’m going to do with it. I would need to frog quite a lot - it might be easier to restart.

Overall, quite a productive weekend.

Leaving you with this sweet shot of my happy pup!

Sunday, January 08, 2023

Whittaker and Feliz Navidad

When posting my WIP photos the other day, my intent was to take them to my upcoming retreat and finish them there. Well, I won’t have to take two of them with because they are finished!

Whittaker from Stacy Nash was such a relaxing stitch! I don’t mind stitching all those filling stitches. He’s stitched on Fox and Rabbit 36ct. Baked Clay.

Whittaker and Paisley are going to make a lovely pair!

Today, I also finished Feliz Navidad from Blackbird Designs. The picture below does not do this piece justice. It is really pretty. Stitched on 36ct. PTP Legacy with the called for threads.

I have a couple more finishes from our Finishing Extravaganza weekend that I forgot to post. First up are these really sweet scissor fobs from Samplerbird Stitchery. The kits are available on her Etsy site.

This sweet little pillow is from the Prairie Schooler chart “January”.

Thanks for stopping by. Need to figure which WIP to finish next!

Friday, January 06, 2023

WIP Parade #1

Tonight I organized some of my stitching; I will be going on another stitching weekend soon. I pulled out some WIPs that I’d like to focus on finishing. Some of them are pretty close!

1. H. Purdy from Needlework Press. This one is not close to being finished, but it is a fun stitch. One color  ( CC English Ivy) and I’m stitching it on 36ct. Fox and Rabbit Saltbush.

2. Feliz Navidad from Blackbird Designs. So close! Called for threads on 36 ct. PTP Legacy.

3. Winter Wind from Prairie Schooler. DMC on 36ct PTP Fog. Still a bit of stitching left, but it’s possible!

4. Butternut House Pinkeep on Stacy Nash. Called for threads. I think the linen is R&R American Chestnut. There’s a lot of stitching in that house!

5. Remember this one? The Sampler Book from Erica Michaels. I need to keep plugging away. DMC on various 32 ct. Belfast Linen. The letter G is next!

6. I thought I had finished this one! This was a special kit offered by the Delaware Valley Sampler Guild. Of course, it’s one of Liz Matthews famous trees!

7. Early Christmas Morning from Blackbird Designs. Stitching over one with called for fibers. A recent start so quite a bit to go!

8. What Remains is Love from Blackbird Designs. Stitching on 36 ct Lakeside Linen with Amy Mitten silks.

9. Harvest Huswife from Chessie and Me. This was a Quilter’s Station project last fall!

10. Bristol Berries from Erica Michaels. Not sure of the linen; stitching with a pretty red silk.

Wish me luck!

Thursday, January 05, 2023

2022 Finishing Extravaganza Part II

Very snowy here in Minnesota! Winter has arrived and is taking up permanent residency!

Here are three more finishes from the weekend. The needle-book on the left and the pinkeep on the right are both designs from Stacy Nash. They both are so sweet!

The finish in the middle is the Round Red Sampler from Heart in Hand. It sits on top of their red heartware bowl. I stitched mine on 40 count and adjusted the pattern so that it more closely matches the top of the bowl. It’s so petite!

One more day until the weekend. Woo Hoo!

Monday, January 02, 2023

2022 Finishing Extravaganza

My Stitching BFFs and I decided to go out in style. We spent the New Year’s weekend together and focused on finishing! It was a productive two days for all of us. Here’s a picture of our collective finishes.

I will share my finishes with you over the next few posts, but here are a few to start with.

These two ornaments have been stitched and finished into a pillow since 2020. All they needed was cording! Sad that it took two years to get the cording done.

This is the La D Da project from the Quilters Station retreat in September 2021. Lori had most of the finishing done for us, we just needed to stitch the front and finish putting it all together.

I think this might have been a make and take at Needlework Galleria, but Cathy did have them available on her website (Hands on Design) for awhile. The design is stitched on perforated paper. There’s a piece of wool felt in the middle and it’s backed with another piece of perforated paper. Sweet needlebook!

Enjoy. Will share more soon. Happy New Year!