Sunday, February 19, 2023

Red Stitching in February

My mission in February was to stitch all things red. At the end of January though, I was so close to another finish, so I kept working on this Stacy Nash piece until it was done. Here is Butternut House Pinkeep. I’m not sure how I will finish; it’s kind of big for a pinkeep, but I’ll figure that out another day.

When Butternut House was done, I started stitching red. I started a red drawstring bag from Needlework Press, the three red pears designed by Annie Beez, and a red hornbook from JBW Designs.

Red Pears from Annie Beez is done. The picture is a little dark. I noticed that she designed three blue pears for market. These will be really cute when finished.

No picture for the hornbook from JBW, but I’m closing in on a finish, so you’ll see that one soon enough. I’m also contemplating starting the Needlework Press piece over; I don’t care for the linen that came with the kit.

Last time I posted I did not include a photo of Lizzie and my mother asked about it. So, Mad Tatter, this photo is for you! Lizzie is on the left and our daughter’s dog, Nala, is on the right. They are keeping tabs on the goings on in the neighborhood!

Wednesday, February 01, 2023

January Finishes

Back on January 6th I posted 10 WIPs that I wanted to work on in January. I successfully finished stitching six of them, plus I finished stitching one other project. Seven finishes total! January was a very good stitching month! Here are pictures of my three latest finishes:

What Remains is Love by Blackbird Designs

Feliz Navidad by Blackbird Designs

Exclusive tree design for the Delaware Valley Historic Sampler Guild by Hello from Liz Mathews

Winter Wind by Prairie Schooler

I also made good progress on Butternut House Pinkeep from Stacy Nash, but it’s not finished yet. I’ll keep plugging away on it. The other WIPs are going back into the WIP basket. I think I will be working on red pieces in February.

Oh, and did I mention that my Partner In Crime and I spent a weekend at Welcome Stitchery’s 24 Hours of Cross Stitch? Carolyn Manning was there. Great fun!

Thanks for stopping by.