Sunday, October 30, 2005

My Daughter's Pillow

Well, we finally went out and bought a digital camera. The quality of the pictures on my blog should improve!

In learning how to use it, we took a picture of my daughter's pillow. You may recall that she entered it in our state fair and won a blue ribbon. She did all the cross-stitching (that's the category in which it was entered), I helped her with the finishing of the pillow. Zeta is our dog's name - yes, we have a 70 pound chocolate lab/chesapeake bay retriever mix. She's our baby and she's spoiled rotten!

Maybe later I'll have time to take pictures of my stitching room!


Tobie said...

Cathy, your daughter did a fantastic job on her cross stitch and congrats to her for the ribbon too! It certainly does look a lot like Zeta. Is she planning her xs project for next year's fair yet? :-)

Lelia said...

Zeta pillow and Zeta pup look similar. Tell your daughter "way to go" on her win.

Aren't digital images fun? If the blogger upload gets lengthy (timewise) you might want to try photobucket. (which is free)

Chelle said...

Kewl project! Your daughter did a great job. Kudos on the ribbon.

Lnanaa said...

That's really cute. It's lovely.