Sunday, April 02, 2006

April Showers

Another rainy day here in Minnesota...but a good day for inside projects! Unfortunately, not all of them are good projects (like doing the laundry) but some of them are fun (like cleaning my computer/craft room). It's always fun to "finger" one's stash.

First, here's a picture of a project I started recently and worked on quite a bit over the past three days. It's the Quilt Time Sampler from Little House Needleworks - I've almost completed the middle section; now I have to stitch the two ends. This will be a gift for my sister-in-law when finished (she doesn't read my blog!)

March proved to be another challenging month for stitching - we just had a lot of other outside activities going on. Here's what I accomplished in March:

  • DT Game Board Sampler - stitched some letters and numbers (right border) and four more squares!

  • Apricot Elegance - almost done!

  • Spot of Spring - done!

  • Quarterly House Exchange and Spring Themed Exchange - done!

    In addition to these, I completed the stitching on another Essy's Friends kit (just need to complete the finishing) and started a Danish Pulled Thread project (as part of a class at my LNS).

    April's Stitching Goals are as follows:

  • DT Game Board Sampler - get back on track! Stitch two squares per week; Sundays with Bine - anyone else going to join us?

  • Spot of Summer - Thursdays with Katrina, Von, and Kath

  • Finish Apricot Elegance and Essy's Friends projects (started in March)

  • Quaker Exchange Gift (stitching is done - finish and mail by April 14)

  • Continue to work on Quilt Time Sampler and also, pull out a Hardanger WIP and try to finish...we'll see!

    Thanks to everyone who has visited my blog recently! Your comments are greatly appreciated!

    Von said...

    You did quite well in March Cathy!!
    I'm just now catching up on a few blogs before bed. Just got home from my Northwest VS weekend. We had an amazing time and I hope to get some time tomorrow to blog about it. You can also ready Connie's account on The Lacey Thread blog.

    mainely stitching said...

    My goodness, Cathy, you got a tremendous amount of stitching done this month! Congratulations!!

    Myrna said...

    Hi Cathy!

    You've been busy! I recently (at camp) purchased the DT Game Board, so, I am thinking about joining you on Sundays! I need to go pick up the DMC for it, and I picked a 32ct. linen to stitch it on. I'll get that kitted up this week and maybe get it started before Sunday... I will have some catching up to do!

    I also just joined one of Becky's exchange boards! (Isn't she the nicest person?!!) I'm pretty hyped about it also! I guess I too wanted to get some neato gifts in the mail... My first one is the grab bag, so I'm starting to collect some fun things. Your house exchange is wonderful -- and your recipient was very lucky!

    I don't think I've ever set monthly goals... I just stitch whatever. I did set a yearly list, but, that too is falling by the wayside...

    Spring Break for DD this week... I'm sure she will be off with friends most of the week, but, she mentioned she wanted to start the little kit I got her. If she likes it, I'll probably be sharing my stash...

    Anonymous said...

    It sounds like you got loads done in March Cathy, despite life getting in the way a bit :)

    Your Quilt Time Sampler is looking wonderful - you've made great progress in just a few days. Congratulations!

    CJ in OK ;-) said...

    March didn't seem that unproductive according to your list. I love this LHN piece. Happy Stitching, CJ

    Leeland said...

    So many goals! I feel tired... lol!
    That's lots of wonderful things to look forward to on your blog!!!! Thanks!

    BeckySC said...

    Your sampler is looking great so far my friend :)


    Lelia said...

    Excellent stitching progress! For a busy Mom, you get a lot accomplished. LOL. Your Quilt Time Sampler (LHN) is wonderful so far. Looking forward to seeing more of it.

    I don't have my pattern yet (Sampler Game Board) When it arrives, I have DMC floss & 32 count linen ready to go. So - should join in sometime in April.

    The Mystery Sampler lessons took longer than I thought they would. It wasn't difficult -- The drawn thread bands are just time consumming when you weave all the threads into the sides. & remember, you can always skip them if you don't feel like messing with the cutting & hemstitch stuff.