Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Spring Exchange from Carolyn

I have so enjoyed receiving a seasonal surprise from Carolyn over the past year - first for Summer, then Fall, Winter -- and now Spring! Carolyn has sent so many wonderful gifts and lovely stitched pieces that I will treasure. For Spring she stitched and finished this Spring pinkeep.

Sorry for the poor lighting. I've spent the past hour or so trying to locate my camera and once I finally did it was pretty dark to be taking a picture. I did my best, but the photo doesn't really do the piece justice!

Given the circumstances of the temporarily lost camera, I didn't photograph the other goodies - but it was a wonderful package. Some springy fat quarters of fabric (one with Ladybugs), some heart pins for pinkeep finishing, some Jobelan for stitching, an address book, a candle, some wonderful smelling soap, and a Spring rubber stamp (which my daughter will confiscate once she sees it!)

Carolyn, thanks for being such a wonderful seasonal exchange partner.

On Saturday, we visited some friends who were storing our boat over the winter. They live about 30 minutes south of us and they raise sheep. Look at the cute little lambs. Do you see the one that is all black? It was born Memorial Day weekend.

These two smart little lambs are on the loose - they found a way out of their fenced area!

Thanks for stopping by - Happy Stitching!


Sharon said...

Gorgeous pinkeep! The lambs are adorable-especially the little black one.

mainely stitching said...

We used to raise sheep, and the beasts will find any way out of an enclosure! LOL!

That's a sweet pinkeep you received. And it's great hearing from you!! :D

Anonymous said...

Lovely pinkeep from Carolyn! The sheep pictures are very cute :)

Kim B said...

A beautiful pinkeep! And such sweet little lambs!

Andrea said...

Lovely pinkeep from Carolyn. Sweet lambs too.

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

OH Wow! Carolyn outdid herself ;)

And Cathy those sheep are PRECIOUS...you know my fetish I have of them ;) Thanks for sharing! Little darlings....