Saturday, November 08, 2008

Brrrr, It's Cold Here!

Here in Minnesota, it's been snowing on and off all day - nothing like the storms that they had in the Dakotas yesterday though! It's still too warm for the white stuff to stick, but it's just a matter of time. Lot's to share with you in today's post!

First, a small group of us did a Thanksgiving exchange this fall. Marie was my partner and she sent me this wonderful turkey ornament! The design is either Heart in Hand or Bent Creek and of course, her finishing is superb. Don't you love the brown jingle bells at the bottom? Marie spoiled me with many goodies. Thanks so much Marie!

On this same exchange, I sent to Jill (well truthfully, I had it hand delivered via Joan!) I stitched this Lizzie Kate design and finished it as a cube. I thought it might look nice on an end table or similiar. Hmmm...might have to stitch this one again for myself.

Jill also had a birthday recently so I wanted to stitch something special for her to mark the occasion. This fob will look perfect on her Gingher Roberta scissors, don't you think? This pattern was designed by Sharon and can be found on her Cross Stitch Happy blog. The colors complement the scissors beautifully!

Finally, Marjean posted that she received the Floss Tag that I sent to her on the recent HoE exchange. Many of you will recognize this design from Blackbird Designs. It was my first ever floss tag!

Before I let you go, check out some of these other great Thanksgiving exchanges:

Joan stitched and finished a pillow for Becky. (move down a little to the post from Nov 7)
Vonna stitched and finished this flat fold for Goldie.
Becky stitched and finished this pinkeep for Sharon. (move down to post from Nov 6)
Heather stitched a cute ornament for Joan.
Goldie stitched and finished a box for Carol. (move down to Nov 5 post)
Carol stitched a pinkeep for Heather.

There are a few more Thanksgiving exchanges in transit. I'll post links to them once they are received and pictures are posted!

Whew, that's it!


Cindy F. said...

WOW Cathy! Good stuff:) What wonderful exchanges and a birthday gift!! Everything is so pretty!

...oh, and you can keep the snow :)

staci said...

WONDERFUL exchanges!

Lennu said...

Oh how many beautiful photos here! I'm really in Thanksgiving mood this morning, as I've seen your beautiful exchanges in many blogs :) I definitely need to stitch a Thanksgiving design for myself, even though it's not celebrated in Finland.

Your cube is beautiful, you did great work! Everything else is so pretty too and you even have had some snow :) We already had our first snow too, but it's gone now.

Anonymous said...

Lovely exchanges and gifts! I love the BBD floss tag especially.

Laura said...

Beautiful exchange stitching! The Thanksgiving cube you stitched is just wonderful! And thanks for posting the links to the other exchanges. They were fun to peek at also.

Anonymous said...

Awesome stitchings all round!!! I just love the Blackbird Designs floss ring tag!!

Kim said...

Wow, you have been on a finishing run! Congrats on all your finishes and exchanges.


Andrea said...

Some wonderful exchanges and gifts.

Lana said...

I love your stitching!!! It is all so beautiful!!!

Heather said...

I love the cube you made, that is soooo cute. I will have to copy you on it :) The fob you made is gorgeous, that aqua color is one of my favorite colors. And look at the matching scissors, so pretty!

I also like the floss tag, I've never made one, and think they are cool. You are a busy lady!!

We don't have snow here, but rain, lots and lots of rain :P

~mj~ said...

You have been tagged! See my blog please.

Tissy said...

Thank you for visiting my page and leaving a comment!!! Yours is nice and you have so many things to share!!!

Darlene @ Tizzyquilting