Sunday, January 25, 2009

4X8 Winter Exchange

Late last year, eight of us decided to do a seasonal exchange in 2009. The group is comprised of 4 stitchers from the U.S. and 4 from Germany. We're going to rotate partners each season of the year.

For the Winter exchange, my partner was Kerstin. Kerstin's package arrived this weekend. Enclosed were many wonderful things! First off, here is the lovely bag that Kerstin stitched and finished for me.

The heart stitched in the center of the bag is comprised of several white, delicate looking snowflakes. The bag is finished off with two snowflake buttons and coordinating fabrics. It's really pretty!

Kerstin enclosed this unique pin. I haven't seen one of these before. As you can see, it's adorned with some pretty glass beads, a charm, and a piece of cross-stitch. I love it!

A few other goodies filled out the exchange including an Easter pattern (designed by Kerstin herself!), some banding, pretty french thread in a pale blue color, and a scissors! This scissors is new to me - it is adorned with the breast cancer ribbons.

A wonderful exchange; I've enjoyed getting to know Kerstin through her blog. My package to her is on its way; I hope she likes it!


Melissa said...

The exchange you received looks wonderful. The bag and pin are beautiful. I have never seen a pin like that either. I love the hardanger doily behind the pin too. Did you make that Cathy?

Anonymous said...

What a great exchange! Love the bag and what a unique pin she created for you. Lovely.

Brigitte said...

I love the bag Kerstin made, such nice wintery colours. And a beautiful pin. So creative!

Unknown said...

These are lovely gifts you've received. All your needlework posts over the last few days are so pretty! :)

Anonymous said...

I love both the bag and the pin (I've never seen anything like that). What a neat exchange.

mainely stitching said...

She sent you a LOVELY packet! I can't wait to see what you sent her!