Thursday, July 23, 2009

No Stitching, Just a Tip

No stitching to share, still working on that exchange. Readers who are here in the U.S. - check your local Walgreen's ad. Tonight I was at my local Walgreen's and they had three different sizes of Scotch brand padded mailing envelopes for 59 cents each. If you are mailing frequently (exchanges, round robins, etc.) this is a steal of a deal!

Yippee skippee tomorrow is Friday!


~Judy~ said...

Thanks for the tip. I was going there on Friday anyway so I'll be sure to look for them.

Julie said...

This is nice to know. Thanks!

Michelle said...

Good to know! Thanks for sharing..

Have a wonderful Sunday.


JOLENE said...

Thanks for the info...I went to my Walgreen's and they had four sizes to choose from for only 39 cents a piece...WOW, that's awesome! I stocked up.