Monday, September 14, 2009

Long Time No Post (Again)

I know. I haven't been regular. I've been quite irregular. I'd eat more fiber, but I don't think that would help me to post more often. I'll try to do better.

I've been stitching quite a lot lately.

First up - a week or so ago, I started the wildly popular design from Hands to Work called "This is the Day." You will find this pattern in the February 2009 issue of Just Cross Stitch. I could not find a large enough piece of LL Autumn Gold at my LNS, so I'm stitching mine on 32ct WDW Cappuccino - the color is pretty close. I'm stitching with the recommended fibers. As you can see, I haven't gotten far, I got distracted with a couple of other things.

Here's my second start - this is called "Special Delivery" from Blackbird Designs. I'm stitching with the recommended fibers on 32ct LL Strawflower. The color of the linen is so pretty. This is the sampler I will personalize to remember my mother's sister that died as a baby. You can read more about it on this post.

Finally, I'm working on an exchange - you'll see and hear more about this one in a few weeks after it is received.

Just Cross Stitch update -- some of you commented that you also received the bogus subscription renewal notices in the mail. The circulation manager at JCS contacted me and is looking into it. She also received the bogus notices for her own personal subscription, not only for JCS, but also for SANQ. Last I heard from her, she wasn't able to get anyone at National Magazine Services to return her call. If you receive a subscription renewal notice from them - destroy it!

That's all I have for you tonight. Have a great evening and thanks for stopping by!


CJ in OK ;-) said...

Two pretty starts the fabrics are so beautiful on both. I am having the same irregularity problem that you are. Happy Stitching, CJ ok;-)

Margaret said...

Nice WIPs! lol on the irregularity! :D

Melissa said...

Cathy - more fiber? You crack me up!

Well you sure are stitching enough! I see pretty things on the go!

Gabi said...

More fiber? LOL. Hopefully you weren't talking about your stitching fibers.
Love both of your starts. Both are lovely

CindyMae said...

They are both gorgeous!! This is The Day is on my "to do" list, one day I will get to it!

Deb said...

Both of your WIPs look great. This is the Day has been on my short list for a while, but I still haven't gotten to it. And maybe somemore stitching fibers are what you need???

Little Penpen said...

Oh... the stitchery for the baby sister is precious!!!! What a SWEET idea!

Kathy A. said...

Very pretty pieces!
More fiber lol - we all seem to have hit a blogging wall this summer. I notice many have cut way back on blogging. I think we have become such a large community that we feel overwhelmed at times.
Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Great WIPs, Cathy! The BBD design is just charming,

mainely stitching said...

If fiber helps, let me know! LOL!

I love both of your new starts and am looking forward to seeing more of both of them. :D

Ronel said...

Both lovely pieces. I like the BB deisgn. Ronel :)