Friday, June 29, 2012

A Trip to the Museum

Last night, our needlework guild visited the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and we were given a tour of some of the needlework items on display throughout the museum.

We saw a beautiful quilt that was made in China to honor a couple; the husband and wife were both celebrating their 80th birthday.  There was a lot of detailed embroidery; a lot of goldwork on this piece.  It was quite large.

We also saw some Japanese embroidery.  The museum has a large collection of Native American pieces - woven blankets, beaded clothing, etc. This is a little bag or suitcase that was completely covered in beadwork.

The beads used on this dress are elk teeth.  I wonder how many teeth one elk has?

Of course there were beaded moccasins...

One of my favorite pieces that we saw last night was this piece of modern art.  Can you tell what his clothing is made of?

This artist uses cast off goods and clothing from thrift stores and flea markets to create his art.  If you guessed "potholders" you are correct!  I think my mother still has some potholders like this; I know my aunts use to have potholders like these!

Do you like the one that is strategically placed to cover his butt? :)

Of particular interest to those who enjoy fine needlework, there was this embroidered casket on display.

The museum docent that provided us with our tour shared that she is participating in the "Cabinet of Curiosities" project that is being offered by Tricia Wilson Nguyen.

One more interesting piece -- it extended from the third floor down to the first floor and consisted of long strands of yarn.

Looking through it on the second floor..

View from the first floor...

Underneath it!

14,000 strings of yarn which if they were placed end to end would stretch for 82 miles!

Hope you've enjoyed the tour!


Keeper of the Crowes said...

Oh I would have loved to be there! Fabulous!

Margaret said...

Very nice tour indeed! I love seeing all the variety of needlework in the museum. Thanks for showing us the pics!

Katrina said...

Very cool!!!! Love the potholder person :-).

Edgar said...

What super pics of the museum!!!

Ruth said...

Totally cool !!! Thanks for sharing your adventure. How nifty that your guide is actually a stitcher!

Marie said...

Wow, thanks for taking me on that little tour.

I quickly eyed those vintage pot holders. Just another thing that I collect! I even purchased a book on ow to make them but have yet to try.

You are so lucky to experience all that first hand.