Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Busy Weekend Part Two

Sunday was cold and snowy, but neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow, nor dark of night will keep me from a needlework event! It required a road trip...

My friend Sue made the trip with me. We traveled about 2.5 hours east of the Twin Cities to Sparta, WI. Enroute we made a little detour though...to one of my favorite places...the Norske Nook in Osseo, WI!

We intended to have pie, but had breakfast instead. This is a picture of their cream cheese filled wild rice French toast with lingonberries. Yum.

We traveled on to Sparta and made it there in good time. The Coulee Country EGA Chapter had their holiday lunch at a new retreat center in Sparta called The Prairie House of Sparta. One of their members and her husband recently bought this home and are renovating it and will be using it as a retreat center. Check out it the beautiful rooms! The woodwork throughout was amazing.

When finished it will offer three bedrooms which will sleep nine people. The space worked perfectly for this event.

It was fun meeting all the needleworkers. I knew some of them from when a group of us took an Ellen Chester class through their guild/LNS in 2012. A few of them I met when we visited their Oktoberfest needlework show in LaCrosse in October.

They had a lovely potluck lunch and then a short business meeting. Then yours truly provided them with a presentation on the beautiful embroidery of Hovej, Hungary. They were so interested to learn more about the embroidery and to hear about Mrs. Szigethy! It was a pleasure to spend the afternoon with this group.

Despite the snow and the cold, we made it home safely. What a wonderful weekend spent with wonderful women who share my love for needlework!

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Stasi said...


You certainly had a very busy weekend...and what a trooper to drive 2 1/2 hours in the snow! I know both groups of ladies enjoyed your presentation; it's so rewarding to share our "passion" with others.

Vickie said...

Awesome! Glad you had a safe drive there and back.

Margaret said...

Looks lovely! Glad you made it there and back safe and sound.

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

What a lovely post Cathy!

Mrs. DillyDally said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! Again … wish I could attend one of your presentations!

Marie said...

You are always going to the greatest events! I want to live your life. :-)
What a wonderful adventure and how nice of you to share your knowledge of embroidery of Hovej.

My son's GF is from WI (lives in NYC now) I will need to ask her if she knows of this eatery and if she will take me there if I get the chance to visit WI....looks delicious.

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

Barb said...

A wonderful way to spend a week-end!