Saturday, June 14, 2014

Back in Indy

Yep, back in Indy. Love spending time with this group of stitchers. Wish it wasn't so far away so we could stitch with them more often!

We had a delightful day of stitching and visiting. Went to lunch and then came back to the house for dessert...homemade ice cream and cookies!

Lots of delicious cookies!

We stitched until 5 pm. Since we knew we'd have to deal with traffic, we decided to do a little shopping in Zionsville, knowing that the commute back to our hotel would be better if we waited.

There was a stitching store...mostly needlepoint but Chris found an older pattern that she had been looking for in the sale bin!

And then look at this sale. Yowzers!

We had a nice dinner, stitched a bit back at the hotel. By midnight all stitchers were safely tucked in their bed with visions of tomorrow's stitching class dancing in their heads!

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Stasi said...

Have a great weekend!Can't wait to read about your project.

Margaret said...

Fantastic! Did you pick up any Vera?

llknbillburg said...

Looks like you are having a wonderful time and the stitching class hasn't even started yet!!! Laura

Lelia said...

DH, DD + I were in Indy, too. Did a walk at the Canal [downtown] - was finished as the Pride parade/festival was beginning. We drove to Carmel and at at Bazbeaux. Then, back to Muncie to drop DD off at her apt + home. So close!!!! Glad you enjoyed the class & the special time on Sunday.

Von said...

Oh my goodness, please tell me you took advantage of that sale!! :D