Sunday, August 16, 2015

A Week Filled with Fun and Stitching

The week went by so quickly. I just returned from a week of stitching in Buffalo, MN at the Needlework Guild of Minnesota retreat. Our accommodations for the week were at the Christ the King Retreat Center located right on Buffalo Lake. This photo was taken on an overcast day; most days were sunny with blue skies.
When I arrived on Tuesday I spent time stitching and visiting with old friends. On Tuesday night we could participate in a scissor fob class. I made the following two fobs...
On Wednesday, I took the Edinburgh Reticule class with Betsy Morgan. More on that later.
The Village People made a couple brief appearances at our retreat.
These four ladies are always in charge of our secret stitcher exchanges. They like to come up with a routine that matches the theme of the retreat. The theme of the retreat this year was "Fabric of Community". Community=Village.....Do you see the connection? Instead of singing "YMCA" we sang "NGoM" (Needlework Guild of Minnesota). They are a hoot.
My favorite part of retreat is always the Show and Tell display on Thursday. It will take me a few days to share with you all the pictures I took! Here is your first installment:

More stories and pictures to come!


Marilyn said...

What great projects.
Thanks for sharing.
Can't wait to see more.

Natasha said...

What a great time!! The show and tell pictures are wonderful, could you tell me what/who is the 4th picture down. I love all the tiny different stitched squares.
Thanks, and have a great Monday!

Khristine Doiron said...

The Village People lol. Looks like it was a hoot! And beautiful finishes in the Show and Tell display!

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

Loved the Village People ;)
And that stitching...oh my perfectly wonderful! You have the greatest adventures Cathy!

Lelia said...

ooooo --- thx for sharing the retreat !!! And your fobs are great. I just bought 2 pair of those scissors during Stitches Midwest week-end. nice lightweight + nice cap

What beautiful projects - sounds like a delightful time had by all