Saturday, October 24, 2015

Saturday Night Stitching

I hope to stitch awhile longer, but am stopping for a moment to provide you with an update. The left bottom half is finished!

I think I am going to work on the top left now for a change of pace.

I thought it would be fun to look back at some of our Halloween's of the past. Today I dug through old photos; they really brought back some memories.

When my kids were small we did not trick or treat in the neighborhood. I dressed them up and took them to visit my mom, one of her old neighbors, and several of my aunts and uncles. I think the old folks had as much fun as the kids did. Here are a couple photos from my son's first few Halloweens!

1990 - Pat was ten months old...

1991 - we had a horrible blizzard - no trick or treating this year!

1992 - Pat loved the Gedney pickle at the State Fair this year, so I made him a pickle costume!

When it came time to go trick or treating, he didn't want to wear the pickle costume. So, instead, he wore the Dalmatian costume that I made the year before (the year of the blizzard). With Auntie Florence and Auntie Betty...

More pictures tomorrow night!



Mrs. DillyDally said...

Love your stitching ... and so fun to see the Halloween pics!

Marilyn said...

Great progress.
The costumes are too cute.
Nothing like a homemade costume.

Khristine Doiron said...

Great progress!! And I love the Halloween pics, so cute!!

KimM said...

What lovely stitching and such a sweet post. Looking forward to more pictures!!