Sunday, January 03, 2016

Third Day/Third Start

You probably are thinking that I am nuts right about now. Let's just say that I like to have options.

I started another Amy Mitten sampler today. This is an early French-Canadian sampler and it depicts the Lord's Prayer in French. It's called Sarah Verrier 1737. Sorry for the poor picture.

Switching now to something that is not silk. My hands have taken a beating lately. 25 minutes until Downton Abbey!



Sherry said...

WOW! I can tell I am already in love with this one. The fabric and the colors along with the theme! Can't wait to follow your progress. You inspired me to start the Crown Sampler for my 2016 start but I have to order some fabric.

Vonna Pfeiffer said...

I was beginning to think you'd started in the 60 project start challenge :) LOL!
I love the colors in this one!

Khristine Doiron said...

You are on a roll!! I am very interested to see this one come together as I am French-Canadian :)

Stasi said...

Wow Cathy--you are being very ambitious this year. Go girl!!!

Barb said...

Such pretty colors.

deb said...

Three new starts in three days? I won't say crazy ... how 'bout ambitious? :) Wow!

Love the Amy Mitten you started yesterday (probably because I was very tempted by that one myself).

My hands get horrible in the winter lately, too. I like Udder Cream cause you're supposed to be able to handle your needlework (and not damage it) after you use it, but local drug store no longer carries it.

So, do you have *another* new start for January 4?

Brigitte said...

I can fully understand you - I also love my WIPs and new starts because they offer me options, lol.