Sunday, July 03, 2016

Finishing Weekend

It's a beautiful weekend here in Minnesota and a holiday weekend to boot!

Left work early on Friday and my daughter and I went together to get pedicures! I splurged on a sea salt scrub with hot towels and got my feet and legs massaged. After traveling all week, it felt good!

Yesterday morning, my husband, daughter and I met the Mad Tatter at the Original Pancake House for breakfast. Bacon! Need I say more?

Of course, there is always the usual laundry, dusting, and vacuuming that needs to be done on the weekend, but when you intersperse it with stitching, it's not so bad. Husband and son left last night to go fishing and won't be home until Monday night, so it's just me and the daughter for the rest of the weekend!

I tackled some finishing yesterday. Finishing always takes more time than I think it will, so I started with something small so to experience some relatively instant gratification.

My first finish is Christmas in Virginia. This is an ornament design from Betsy Morgan, it was available through the Swan Sampler Guild a few years ago.




I modified the finishing instructions. Betsy designed it to be an ornament/needlebook. I knew that I would not use it as an ornament, hence the changes.

Now I'm working on Betsy's Edinburgh Reticule. Front and back finishing is done; I need to add the gussets next.

Can't get over how nice our weather is! Might have to take my needle and thread outside today!


Marilyn said...

Such pretty finishes.
Yes, it's beautiful here in WI also.
I am headed outside to stitch too. :)

Marie in Minnesota said...

Lovely work, Cathy. Did a little finishing of my own this week. Finished Sweet Little Blossoms by Merry Cox. Started in 2012 and finally finished.

Ann said...

it all looks beautiful--you're tempting me to dive into my Betsy projects!

Stasi said...

Beautiful work, as usual Cathy!!! I've been pulling together kits to take to our temporary house for the next two months and am heavy on Betsy Morgan designs. Love her stuff!!!

Khristine Doiron said...

Your little needlebook is beyond sweet! Your finishing is very nice :)

Barb said...

I would say you have made great finishing progress. I hope you and your daughter have a wonderful week-end together.

Barb said...

Great weekend to finish. Beautiful job you did. Can't wait to see more

deb said...

Beautiful work! The needlebook is darling and I'm looking forward to seeing how the reticule finishes up!