Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Reflecting on 2016 - Part Two

My stitching progress tonight is pretty insignificant, so no picture updates to share. Instead, let's take a tour of a few more finishes from earlier this year.

In March and April I had four more finishes...first up, another sampler from Amy Mitten. This one is called Vierlande.

The next finish was simple to stitch and easy to finish. This design is from Rovaris.

In April I attended Spring Fling and Betsy Morgan was the guest teacher. The project was awesome - the Bristol Sampler Stitching Bag. I so enjoyed learning to do English paper piecing. Here's my finished bag and all the matching Smalls.

I also had the opportunity to take a class with Merry Cox in April (and made some new friends in the process - hi Barb and Torrie!). This is the first Merry Cox piece that I have ever finished. It's called Off to Williamsburg.

I'll dig up some more finishes to share tomorrow night.

Oh, one more thing. A number of Stitchers on Facebook have shared how much they like this three shelf cart from IKEA for storing their stitching stuff. I just happen to work about a mile away from an IKEA store so I stopped after work tonight and picked one up!

Did you notice Josie snoozing in the background?


Marie in Minnesota said...

Josie looks real impressed with your new stitching cart.

Marilyn said...

All great projects.
You've gotten a lot done.
Thanks for sharing the pics of your work.

Khristine Doiron said...

Everything you stitch is so beautiful! And I would love to know what you think of that cart, everywhere I looked on facebook today someone was showing the one they got. They look like they would be great for holding stitching things.

Von said...

I always enjoy seeing your projects, Cathy! Thanks for showing your little cart. Now you need to show us how you've organized with it!