Sunday, February 12, 2017

Colorful Stitching and Tatting

I always seem to underestimate the time needed to finish a piece. I thought that I might be able to finish the stitching on Helix Etui, but I'm going to need a few more days. Great progress made though on the larger piece which will be used to create the Etui.

I visited the Mad Tatter yesterday. In between hockey and basketball games and old and new episodes of Blue Bloods, she has been tatting like crazy. She is hooked on creating "Ice Drops". The tatting is done around a small round gemstone. These will make nice ornaments or sun catchers; I even think it would make a nice scissor fob!

Tonight I would like to share a more recent finish; I believe that I finished the stitching on this piece last year. I took it in to Stitchville recently and ordered up a frame. Deb does such a nice job framing and she is an expert at picking out the perfect frame!

Sorry for the glare; I didn't take the plastic off of it. I'm not sure where I am going to hang it yet and wanted to keep it wrapped up. The design is from Plum Street Samplers and it is called 1837 Crown Sampler.

The weekend went fast. Monday, Monday. Good thing that I have a short week ahead of me.

Thanks for stopping by!


Mrs. DillyDally said...

Always love seeing your mother's work ... such a special talent! And you obviously inherited it! Your work always inspires me!

KimM said...

What glorious tatting and your finish is AWESOME!!!

Khristine Doiron said...

They would make really cute scissor fobs! I am no good at estimating how long it takes to stitch things either. :) Your Helix Etui is looking great and the Crown Sampler looks absolutely perfect in that frame!

deb said...

The helix is looking great - really enjoying watching this piece grow and am looking forward to seeing how it goes together. Your recently framed sampler is gorgeous!