Sunday, April 09, 2017

Spring Fling or Bust!

With the events of the first part of the week behind me, let the weekend begin!

I arrived at the retreat center Friday morning and found the most delightful welcome gift on the table in my room. Those caramels are like gold!

Tracked down my friends who were anxiously awaiting my arrival. It was good to see friends from Texas, Arkansas, North Dakota, Indiana, Northern Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois...I'm sure I missed someone here. I made a new friend rom Michigan this weekend!

The Deb's from Stitchville were busy getting the registration desk ready.

I have to include this picture. This is what the Deb's see. Lots of anxious Stitchers waiting to get registered and start Spring Fling!

The door opened at 1:00pm and tables were selected. They were decorated beautifully and of course, there were more gifts!

After everyone was settled our guest designers entered and took center stage; it was so good to see them again! Alma and Barb from Blackbird Designs.

Alma began to tell us about the sampler that our retreat project was based on. It has similarities to the Westtown Schoolgirl samplers and is unfinished.

Barb shared the small framed design that includes fragments of the sampler. Her brother made the frames for us. Our job was to paint and antique them!

Alma shows us the heart shaped box that we will paint and then glue a color copy of the sampler to the top. We're even going to make the wax flower arrangement for the top!

Our first project is passed out. Let the stitching commence!

More tomorrow....


Mary said...

I'm envious!! What a fun retreat and such beautiful things to make, looking forward to your next installment!

Marilyn said...

Oh. this looks like a great retreat.
Can't wait to see more tomorrow.

Khristine Doiron said...

Sounds like such a good time! Can't wait to see how everything turns out!

Stasi said...

Looks like a LOT of fun!!!

Janet said...

Any announcement of next year's guest stars? Inquiring minds.

deb said...

So glad you got there without mishap and apparently not too late. Looks like a marvelous time, and you've only begun the tale.