Monday, May 01, 2017

May Day

It is the first of May, but here in Minnesota we're calling "mayday"! Why you ask? Look at what was falling from the sky today!

Three inches of snow were recorded at the airport which is about 15 miles west of us. Enough Mother Nature! Bring on Spring!

Speaking of Spring, look at all of these colorful ice Drops that the Mad Tatter has been busy making.

Aren't they fun? She loves tatting them and it's so much fun looking at all the different color combinations.

She also tatted some white ones for me. I think these will look really nice on the Christmas tree!

Where have I been? Well, I spent this past weekend in Indianapolis with my stitching friends. Betsy Morgan was in town and we took three classes with her - Virgin Queen Stitching Wallet, Virgin Queen Stitching Pocket, and Maria Katarin's Stitching Reticule.

More tomorrow!


Stasi said...

Can't wait to read about it!

deb said...

Three inches of snow on May Day? Eeep! How exciting about the Betsy Morgan classes - looking forward to seeing your projects.

Lelia said...

sorry about the snow. It was brisk, windy, here. Your needlework is so lovely - and you are so close to another finish!!!

Beautiful ice drop tatting by "the mad tatter" -- spectacular talent. Wonderful, colorful, delightful!

Enjoy the day - maybe May 2nd will be without snowflakes (tho I see colder temperatures in your forecast)

Khristine Doiron said...

Maybe you should get the "Mad Tatter" to tat up some rain drops to appease Mother Nature :) But really those ice drops are so very pretty! And I hope that snow melts soon!