Friday, May 05, 2017

More to the Story

Yes, there is more to the story! I meant to post again on Tuesday, and if not Tuesday then on Wednesday. When it didn't happen on Wednesday, I should have posted an update on Thursday. Unfortunately I left you hanging until Friday. Sorry about that!

Our first class with Betsy in Indy was the Virgin Queen Stitching Wallet. You can see pictures of it on her blog. It's a beautiful piece that was inspired by a leather sewing kit Betsy found in an antique store while traveling in North Carolina. Betsy's piece is covered with blackwork motifs in a variety of colors.

Like many of Betsy's classes, we stitched up one of the Smalls so that we could finish it in class. For this class we stitched the front and back panel for the needlebook. Betsy used some historic blackwork designs for this piece. I was able to complete my finishing in class!

I have to trim my ribbon tails yet!

On Saturday we spent the morning reviewing the finishing instructions for Virgin Queen.

In the afternoon, we worked on a companion piece - the Virgin Queen Stitching Pocket. The inspiration for the construction of this piece was a purse that Betsy owned. More blackwork motifs; this design included some personalization for the Needle in Hand Sampler Guild.

Our "small" that we finished in class was a scissor fob.

I'm getting pretty good at making tassels if I may say so myself!

I was really excited for Sunday's class. I've always wanted to stitch and finish this piece. It's Maria Katarin's Mexican Reticule. The motifs are based on an 1844 Mexican Sampler in Betsy's collection. We stitched and finished the ruler. It's sew cool!

And look - another tassel!

More tomorrow. I promise.


deb said...

Your tassels are indeed very professional looking! Sounds like you had a wonderful few days and you have such delightful projects to stitch - the Virgin Queen's Stitching Wallet is a gorgeous design! The needlebook you did the prestitching for - looks like you finished the front and back separately and then attached them with that braided ribbon finish? Beautiful!

Ann said...

Love Betsy's classes--you were so lucky to get three in one place! Beautiful work--and you do GREAT tassels!

Margie May said...

I took a class with Betsy when she was in Australia a couple of years ago and loved her way of teaching. Great to do some stitching before the class and learn her different ways of completing her items. Hope to do more classes with her if she comes to Australia again.

Khristine Doiron said...

You are always stitching the most interesting things! Beautiful stitching and finishing!