Saturday, April 10, 2021

A Petite Regal Sewing Set

I had the good fortune to be able to take a class with Merry Cox today via Zoom thanks to the Orange Coast Sampler Guild. In some situations, the pandemic is not such a bad thing because many guilds and other needlework organizations are offering classes and lectures via Zoom!

I’m almost always guaranteed of a finish with Merry when she sends the project in advance. If I have my stitching completed before the class, I can easily finish the project. Merry’s finishing is straightforward and easy to follow.

Without further ado, here is A Petite Regal Sewing Set by Merry Cox.

I have a few more things to share and will try to post again in the next day or two.

Lizzie says hello!


Marilyn said...

Such a cute set.
Hi Lizzie!

Khristine Doiron said...

What a beautiful set! Well done!

Robin in Virginia said...

What a beautiful set you created, Cathy! Lizzie is a cutie!

Barb said...

Lizzy is so cute!! That is a lovely sewing and stitching project. I love tit with the shaker type box!