Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Catching Up

It’s been a busy summer! My last post was in July. Holy smokes!

I spent a good part of July stitching on an Amy Mitten reproduction sampler: Forgery #14 Sarah Verrier 1737 Sampler. It was supposed to be a Sunday stitch, but truth be told, I was enjoying it so much, I worked on it most of July. The sampler is The Lord’s Prayer in French. I have put it away for a bit and will come back to it in a few months.

More recently, I’ve been on a finishing kick. My PIC and other stitchy friends and I will be heading to Quilter’s Station next week and I wanted to finish last year’s Chessie and Me piece before we went. Linda from Chessie and Me will be there again this year. Appropriately titled: Harvest Huswife.

Do you watch Lady Huzzah on Flosstube? After seeing her episode dedicated to Merry Cox finishes, I was motivated to finish one of my own Merry Cox pieces. This was a class I took through the Orange Coast Sampler Guild. The design is called 1871 Sewing Set. I stitched 1889 on mine; the year my maternal grandmother was born.

This past weekend I finished some smalls that go with the Birds and Bees Sewing Roll from Stacy Nash. Joy finished the sewing roll for me. I finished the biscornu and the scissor fob. The set is now complete!

My final finish - I popped this Prairie Schooler design into this simple frame! (I don’t remember the chart number, the name of it might be Autumn Leaves.)

Our two babies are getting big! Rosie is about a week shy of five months old and weighed in today at 36 pounds. She’s a happy pup and makes my smile every day. Lizzie has adjusted to having another puppy in the house too. They love their walks, they watch for the mailman every day (he has treats!), and they love to play in the yard.

Last but not least, and perhaps the most important of all, is Baby Griffin! Griff just turned three months and he is developing quite the personality. His mom and dad are going to be in trouble when he gets older!

That’s an update on what’s been going on in my world! Hope you are well and stitching to your heart’s content.


Marilyn said...

You have some great projects going on.
Griff is too cute!
Have fun at Quilter's Station.

grandma sandy said...

You were correct, the title is "Autumn Leaves" and the number is 132. Nice job by the way.

Robin in Virginia said...

What beautiful pieces you shared, Cathy! Glad to hear that Rosie and Lizzie are becoming pals. Griff is precious.

butterfly said...

Beautiful Stitching you have been busy .
Your little GS looks such a happy boy .
Enjoy the last day of August , June.

Stasi said...

Beautiful finishes Cathy! Love Linda's Huswife...will have to be on the lookout for when that is releaesd to gen pop! You must be so tickled to be a grandma--enjoy that sweet baby!

diamondc said...

Hi Cathy: You were so missed at retreat, i hope you can make it next year, we missed your smile and happy self.
Your grandson is positively adorable, that hair makes me giggle.
Rosie and Lizzie are so cute together.
You have been busy, love all your finishing.
Have a lovely Labor Day weekend.


Robin said...

Oh if only I could keep up on posts I would have known you were at Quilters Station. So was I. It was great. Love all your stitching and finishes

Robin said...

Your finishes on Chessie & Me, Stacy Nash and Prairie Schooler are each awesome. And I agree about Lady Huzzah. After the Merry Cox episode I have a new appreciation of both Lisa and Merry Cox.
Robin in NJ